It’s Not Talent Or Aptitude That Will Help You Crack The CAT

You look at the IITian next to you in your coaching classes. He solves math problems in his sleep. You look at the humanities student, she solves the kind of RCs you have never encountered in your entire life. But come exam day, nothing is going to count as much as your attitude. Who has the courage to risk a negative? Who is not getting bogged down by exam day pressure? Who is just the right amount of nervous to treat the exam with the respect it deserves but not the fear it inspires? In the end, that IITian, that humanities diva and you are all going to find something beyond ability that will be tested – it’s your attitude. Watch Harsha Bhogle invoke a certain Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar to help you understand why attitude trumps ability in pursuit of excellence.