Communicating Product Benefits

Heard of Slack, the office tool? If you work in a start-up, chances are your team is already using this tool.

Why should you use Slack? Here’s a description of its features:

-It allows team members to send messages to each other personally and in groups

-You can share files, pictures, videos etc by uploading them

-It allows you to set reminders for yourself or your team. You can also search for any resources.

-Slack can integrate other applications like leave management, calendar, google, analytics, etc.

Did the above description inspire you to try out the product? Most likely not. Here’s an extract of what Slack has posted on its website under Why Slack?

-It’s the foundation for teamwork: Slack creates alignment and shared understanding across your team

-It simplifies communication: Slack brings all your team’s communication together, giving everyone a shared workspace

-It helps everyone find the answers they need: Slack builds a searchable archive of your team’s conversations, decisions, and work

-It streamlines your workflows: Slack integrates with nearly every enterprise and productivity product available

Noticed how the version on Slack’s website brought out the END OBJECTIVES FOR A USER, instead of just specifying what the product is capable of? Slack has used a classic lesson from #Branding101 – **Sell Benefits, Not Features**

This may be an intuitive and rather basic marketing principle, but is forgotten very frequently. Imagine, if an entry-level DSLR camera was sold to you by enumerating all its amazing technical details? If you are an experienced photographer, then perhaps this might wow you. But for the majority in the target segment, the “sell” that convinces them would be “Capture the Beauty of your Memories”.

So, whenever you communicate about your product, remember – Sell Benefits, Not Features.

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