For those who consider RC as their weakness, here are some quick actionable tips that you can follow.

  1. Familiarise yourself with diverse topics by reading articles instead of novels. Familiarity with different topics and genres helps in consuming the content quicker.
  2. Don’t skim through when you are reading the passage for the first time. This won’t help with comprehension.
  3. Make short notes as you read. With enough practice, you can make mental notes of the important points in the paragraph.
  4. Practice at least one RC every day until the CAT day.
  5. Try the method that works for you the best in mock tests – Passage first or Questions first. Analyse each mistake and each answer that you got right.

Just like QA, LR, and DI, this section can improve only with Practice. Practice is the key when it comes to CAT Prep.