SIBM Pune GEPIWAT Experience Batch 2018-20 – Anuj Mishra – Verdict: Converted

SNAP 99.66% ile

12 PM Slot 10th February, 2018 Venue – Lavale Campus

The first thing that leaves an impression when you go for SIBM interview is the beautiful campus and then the whole process at the end of the day. It is one of the most well-organized b-school interview experiences that one would face and mine was no different.

The process started with a presentation by the ART team about SIBM and then the Director’s address on what to expect on that day.

Group Exercise: A case study was presented to an automobile firm which had to position itself into luxury segment overcoming its image of being only for the masses. We were asked to come up with a strategy with respect to Marketing, HR, Ops & Fin keeping in mind all constraints and circumstances etc as mentioned. 5 minutes were given to go through the case and the next 15-20 min for the exercise. Overall a better process to judge candidates than a GD (my opinion   ).

WAT: Post the GE we were presented with an article on Heritage and how to conserve it. Extremely difficult RC I would say. Had to write 150 words on it and present 5 words which could help explain the topic.  Honestly, would rate it difficult than the usual WATs at other institutes. VARC being my forte, completed the exercise well within time 🙂

PI: A pre-interview exercise was given which was like an extempore wherein a ‘negative’ word was given and 5 positive sentences had to be made using it within 2 minutes. I was given the word ‘debacle’ 🙂 Wrote down the first 5 sentences that came up at the moment.

An old lady (P1) who was an alum and professor at SIBM was in the panel along with a young professional P2 (probably a recent alumna).

P1: You know what to do next?

Me : Yes. Read out the sentences as it is.

P1: Smiling. You are quite creative.

Me: Thank you, Ma’am.

P1: Have you ever been to Pune?

Me: I told them about the last time I was in Pune for SCMHRD interview. Related questions on the experience etc and why I didn’t join the colleges I converted last year.

P1: Why SIBM Pune? Why MBA?

Me: This is the question that in some form or the other pops up in every b-school interview and most people are prepared for it. Reading everything about the institute from course structure to alumni etc helps a lot in framing the answers and justifying your answers. Having 21 months experience at the time, I actually had good reasons for why MBA was the right step for me career-wise.

Both P1 & P2 seemed convinced.

P1: Goes through the SNAP C form and asks about my boarding school life, work experiences and initiatives that I had taken at my workplace. Filling the answers diligently helped me in answering all the questions as I had pretty much expected them.

P2: Finally when I was feeling happy the way interview was panning out to be, the lady asked what I would like to do post-MBA from SIBM Pune. What specialization was I interested in? Industry preferred? Roles etc

Me: A day before I was contemplating the same and hence instantly replied Marketing and preferred roles would be in FMCG industry. Didn’t realize that I would be in for an unexpected rapid fire round.

P2: What is FMCG?

Me: Told.

P2: Give examples. Which is your favourite FMCG?

Me: Out of nowhere said P&G. This is where all the trouble started as I hadn’t thought it through.

P2: Name products by P&G.

Me: Having cleared MICA’s entrance which requires preparation on brands, taglines etc I knew quite a few but that very moment I couldn’t remember names. Blurted out Ponds and knew that very moment I was wrong.

P2: Ponds is by P&G? Are you sure?

Me: No Maam. I am sure it would be HUL then. Seemed to forget everything 🙁

P2: Tell me some other products as you have said P&G is your favourite FMCG.

Me: I could have named 7-8 products on any given day but that day was not it. Thought a lot and came up with Gilette and Pampers.

P2: So you like P&G because it makes diapers?

Me: I wanted to escape that conversation and start again but couldn’t  

P2: Leave P&G. Tell me some Indian FMCG’s name.

Me: A sane guy would probably say a more common name like Dabur but I had to go with Marico. (Why??)

P2: Products?

Me: Saffola, Parachute, Set Wet, Livon etc. I am sure she was surprised after the ‘P&G debacle’.  

P2: Name an upcoming Indian FMCG.

Me: (Guess what I said? Not Patanjali but Hector Beverages) I couldn’t believe my responses as they were so instantaneous but fortunately knew about the products.

P2: Coming back to your interest – what is Marketing? Define.

Me : Told. But the lady was not happy with it and she said I should read about what exactly it is.

P2: What kind of roles are offered at companies like P&G at b-schools?

Me: I don’t know, Ma’am.

P2: You should! Your favourite company is P&G.

P2: Tell me 3 words that define you.

Me: Told.

P2: Three words an employee at your firm would say to describe you? Should be different than what you said.

P1: She was smiling all along. Had no questions for me (i wanted her to ask the ‘good’ questions not the rapid ire ones that P2 asked)

Me: Came up with a rather satisfactory answer.

P2: I think this is all I wanted to ask. Looking at P1 – Maam do you have any more questions?

P1: No that would do. Just an advice – go and read about P&G  

Me: Thank you Ma’ams. Left the room.

Overall a great experience. Kept my cool inspite of the rapid fire round 🙂

Status : Converted.

Anuj Mishra

SIBM Pune 2018-20




Congratulations Anuj…..If possible could you please fram the answers also so that we get an brief idea of what they should be like……Also please tell us something about the preparation strategy for SNAP and later for GEPI….I know asking a lot but if you could then please.


Hi Sameer,
I think filling the SNAP C form (it is more like a SOP) diligently helps as you might be asked questions on the basis of your interests and profile mentioned in the form. Preparation for CAT would more than suffice but you should keep a tab on current affairs as they are asked in SNAP and may help you get eassy marks. For GEPI – again reading newspapers and about varied topics would help you sail through.