On The Other Side – IIM Kashipur

Not long ago, I was browsing through articles of InsideIIM. I was an aspirant, who wanted to know all that he could about B-Schools. And InsideIIM helped me a lot. After a few months, I am on the other side. Now, I am a student at IIM. And this article will tell my story from being an aspirant to an MBA Student.

After CAT, I didn’t know what to make of it. I thought maybe I have to try again. I thought I had done well but I was not sure how I fared against the others. After a long wait, Result was announced. I scored 98.48 percentile. I knew I could have done better, but the score wasn’t bad. So I was happy about it. But the battle was half won. CAT was only the first hurdle. I still had to clear the rest of the process.

I went through the admission criteria of different colleges, although I knew them already. I thought about where my chances were better and where it is difficult for me to convert. It didn’t matter although. Because neither could I change the criteria nor could I change my profile. With some disappointment and some frustration about the criteria, I started my preparation for GDPI Process.

I appeared for the GDPI Process. After that, I spent most of the checking the sites for the results. And when I was not checking the results, I was wondering about what future holds for me. How would this year shape my upcoming life?

Results were announced. I was waitlisted. Another round of information search about the waitlist trends begun. I eventually converted some IIMs.



I choose to join IIM Kashipur. I had to report within a day. I barely managed to collect all the required documentation in the short period. I packed up and started the journey of my life. The destination was dreams of many.

And now I am a part of IIM Kashipur family. It’s a whole new world here, a world that has changed my perspective and attitude towards the life in a span of only two months. I feel like I have been living here for months. I read about the life at IIMs at InsideIIM when I was an aspirant. But reading about it and living it are very different experiences. There are no apt words describing this feeling. I read about the hard work people put in here. And I thought it won’t be as tough as it looks. But now, when I am a part of an IIM, I feel proud to be a part of this culture and now I have greater respect for my alumni base. I have met some of the amazingly talented people here. And there is so much to learn.

There were times where it was hard to move forward, and there will be many times where we all face difficulties and obstacles. But trust me; the goal that you wish to achieve is worth all the difficulties you face.

See you on the other side!

Rajat Dixit

Hey there, Hope you are doing well. About me, I like to learn new things and look at life from different angles. I love Music, PC Games, and football. Feel free to connect with me!