Similarities In All The Cs – Akshara Venkatesan, IIM Indore

What do you find common/similar in “Class, Community, Companions, Closeness, Camaraderie, Comradery, Commonality, Congeniality, Comity, Cordiality, Conviviality”?

Yes, they all, like the best of things, start with ‘C’, like our Section-C, PGP Batch of 2019.

A diverse bunch of 70-odd individuals, becoming a family in a matter of a few days, Isn’t something that’s commonly seen? What made this happen? The “Section Wars”! And this is my most memorable moment from my MBA life. A B-School “tradition”, the Section Wars is conducted differently in the different B-schools, to enable interactions and bonding among a section’s students. My class has done exactly this. Be it the ideation of the performances, or the practice sessions or coming up with the props or recording videos or even cheering out the loudest during the performances, everyone was involved and gave their 200%. The way we stuck together as a close-knit team, is indeed commendable. This Section-war induced bonding is something we carried forward through the year. We led the way to do many more things as a class, and the other sections followed us. Afterall, we have proved the fact that, ‘A section that works together, stays together’.

Thus, “Section-C” is the best thing that happened to me, and this constitutes my most memorable experience of B-School.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Being someone who took out her drawing pad at the age of 10 and started sketching out designs for clothes-replete with colour and patterns, the ABG company that I would like to work for is, without doubt, ABFRL. I’m someone who has continued this as a passion and designs clothes till date. The same is my creative escape; you’ll find me putting together looks, all the times (kept doing it even through the first year of MBA, when we’re stuck head to toe, in classes, assignments, quizzes, summers prep etc.) Thus, working in ABFRL will give me the best platform to combine both my passion and profession, and work my way to the top!

IIM Indore Placement Committee

Placement Committee, Indian Institute of Management Indore