Simplicity Of The NITIE Campus


What makes my campus unique? It is self-explanatory when people become speechless when they asked to describe campus. They got admired by seeing the immense beauty and peace of my campus. If I talk about the campus life in NITIE, I can say it really justifies the title given for our campus “GOD’s OWN CAMPUS”. It is that campus which not only leaned towards excellent academics but also pays more attention towards the overall development of individuals. If I talk about the faculties they are inculcated with an excellent personality and even they are helping in nature.

If I talk about the hostel food while eating, you can get the same feeling of home. Different dishes are prepared daily, you get the full-time meal at cheaper rates.

Students from different parts of our country came, with different cultures. I can say our campus is the common platform where we got the opportunity to gel up with them and their cultures. Lots of fun activities are there, we celebrate every festival with great devotions and love.

If I talk about the ROI of NITIE its best among B-Schools. NITIE is the only college where students get the 100% paid internship from their dream companies like FMCG, E-Commerce, etc. The maximum stipend which students can get during their 2 months intern is nearly 3 lakhs which are really a good amount.

If I talk about the student security, within 2 kms milestone you can find one guard who not only stands for the security purpose of students and all of them who are part of campus but they also help us to reach out different places on campus.

Which ABG company I would like to join?

VISION: To be a premium global conglomerate, with a clear focus on each of the business.
 Integrity
 Commitment
 Passion
 Seamlessness
 Speed

ABG is India’s largest MNC with manufacturing operations in the US. It operates in 36 countries and 5 continents and anchored by 120,000 employees belonging to 42 different nationalities. Over 50% of the revenues come from overseas operations.
As an Electrical engineer, the human safety factor is of most important so I can’t rely on the local products. I do truly believe on the Aditya Birla Insulators which is world’s 4th largest producer of it, with high-performance porcelain and composite insulators for the transmission and distribution sector as it can bear hundreds of kilovolts. It is not only cheaper but having a high tensile strength and good qualities of insulator.

-Renuka Bharti