Six Sigma for efficient Business Processes, Guest Lecture by Mr Vishwadeep Khatri

Mr. Vishwadeep Khatri, CEO & Principal Consultant, Benchmark Six Sigma visited IIM Indore Mumbai Campus on 28th January 2015. He discussed the importance of Six Sigma and how companies around the world are using Six Sigma framework to improve their business processes and save on costs.

He introduced the DMAIC framework and explained various examples using the DMAIC framework to solve the problems. He also spoke about the contribution of various scientists, mathematicians and companies in developing Six Sigma. He then explored some of the concepts covered under Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. He emphasised on the following three concepts:

1. Need for extraordinary processes with ordinary people

For an organization to prosper it is better to have extraordinary processes with ordinary people than having ordinary processes with extraordinary people. One of the major reason being the difficulty faced in retaining extraordinary people in any organization. He explained this with an example of India and China competing in Olympics since 1928, but China has gone ahead with their extraordinary processes.

2. Data driven decision making

Most of the times experiments can be conducted and we can reach to a conclusion by hypothesis analysis but because we do not follow a process for making decisions we often make the suboptimal decision.

3. Root Cause analysis

He used various examples to explain the identification of  root cause of any problem. The discussion was interesting as participant pondered over some puzzles thrown by Mr. Khatri.

Mr. Khatri also answered the doubts of the candidates regarding their career choices and role of Six Sigma in it. The session ended after a quiz in which everyone participated.

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