SJMSOM – The Best Place To Study!

My campus is unique in more ways than one!

At IIT Bombay your interaction is not just restricted to B-school students, but you also have a pool of 10000+ students in the campus from diverse backgrounds to rub shoulder with. The diversity is so much that it reflects in you when you stand with other b-school candidates.

The campus is in a metro but still has a very clear disconnect from it. It has all the infrastructure that you need to grow and prosper and yet it is greener than perhaps most forests in India- with alligators and leopards almost full time residents of the campus along with you!

Opportunities for growth are immense! We have students who study 16 hours a day and achieve glory and students who sleep 16 hours a day and also achieve glory.

The crazy amounts of rain that you have is a different experience in itself, having as many number of pairs of suits, ties, shoes and formal dresses is never enough because in the end you will end up using hair dryers on your clothes to blow dry them during rainy days.

Now, from academic point of view, SJMSOM having a small optimum batch strength and high teacher to student ratio in itself is great and you will see the difference when you will experience it. Being in IIT atmosphere doesn’t restrict SOM with companies recruiting from a technical background, you can pursue and get into any field you want. One of the most unique features we have is Diksha and Continuums – where we get a window to peek into the current trend of industries and mould our-self according to them. These Diksha’s & Continuums are rolling lecture series by most prominent leaders with diversified backgrounds from various industries.

Which ABG company you want to work for and why? 

If given an opportunity, I would like to work for Hindalco Industries limited. It is extremely important for me to work in a firm that takes prides in itself on being a leader and is willing to invest in developing new products. Being a multinational, the amount of exposure & learning that I will receive by working with a giant organisation such as ABG would greatly enhance & polish my skills. I believe my work experience with steel procurement and the technical skills that I carry along with the management skills will give me contribute tremendously towards the development of your esteemed organisation.


Jatin Singh is a second year student at SJMSOM, IITB

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