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The one topic that finds place in our everyday conversations almost inadvertently is nothing else but ‘sleep’. Sleeping not only has the mystical ability to make one feel better, even in the direst of circumstances, but it goes way beyond just boosting one’s mood or banishing under-eye circles. Adequate sleep plays a major role in helping one maintain a healthy lifestyle, and indirectly benefits one’s heart, weight, mind etc.

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But, do you still live in the era of – “Early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.”!? Well, if you’re in a B-School, then probably not. With toilsome lectures and challenging quizzes occupying most of your daytime, night is the only time you get to brainstorm on projects, discuss cases, complete lengthy assignments or simply catch up with friends at the night canteen – you hardly get time to get that much needed (in some cases, beauty-) sleep !

However, except for the first week that a student spends at a B-School, you are most certainly never going to find a single soul on campus, cribbing about it. Life at B-Schools teaches people things way beyond the usual bookish knowledge that hardly finds any practical applications. It makes them adept to endure no matter how hard conditions are, accomplish things that they otherwise find themselves incapable of attaining, and ultimately dazzle the world with their prowess.

But, then how is it that the future managers, a majority of whom were formerly used to the ‘laidback’ culture of their ‘apparently’ demanding working schedules, become accustomed to such routines? Well, the answer lies in Lamarck’s theory of adaptation. In one’s tenure at a B-School one comes across many species of sleepyheads and the ways in which they tackle their sleep woes. However, they and the manner in which they mould their sleeping regimes according to the requirements, can broadly be classified into three major categories as have been discussed below.

First and the foremost are the ones who love sleeping. The mere thought of getting to sleep just raises their spirits to unimaginable levels. Therefore, irrespective of the burden of studies/activities, they always find time to pursue what according to them is their favourite hobby. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are the ones who are born to sleep, per se.

The second cluster comprises of people who are extremely passionate about sleeping, but at the same time, believe in utilizing time judiciously. They not only burn the midnight oil to meet targets before the sacrosanct deadlines but have the almost outlandish talent of catching up on their much needed dreamy slumber (that has all chances of turning into a nightmare, if you are not skilled enough!) during classes. Well, years of practicing goes into learning the art of sleeping with your eyes wide open, feigning to be listening aptly to the most somniferous lectures of all and so, never attempt to venture into doing this unless you are sure of your abilities.

And of course, we have the virtuosos who frequent the various eateries on campus all throughout the night, who most certainly are the highlight of all late-night fascinating parties, who are even more elusive than the Scarlett Pimpernel himself, as it is almost impossible to spot them into their rooms before six in the morning, and yet, they manage to retain their sanity when they come to class. They are the ones who can do without sleeping for days together. Well, kudos to them and their Vampire-like behaviours, for I still have not been able to figure out the secret behind this mind-boggling ‘sorcery’ adopted by them.

In the end, it would not be wrong to say that somewhere between need for speed and need for sleep, we all grew up. And, while the same continues even now, all one can say is when at a B-School, sleep while you can. Or simply, sleep when your MBA is over! After all, sleep is God. You cannot help but worship Him.

Disclaimer : The views presented in this article have been deduced by the author’s observations of her immediate neighbours in class and hostel, their immediate neighbours and of course, the author’s own personal experiences. Hence, the possibility of making generalizations of any sort may/may not exist.

– Venu


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An Upantya Visharad in Hidustani Sangeet and in Bharatnatyam, Venu has been the epitome of versatility and consistency throughout school and college life. An EC engineer, she was a member of AIESEC & NU Tech where she managed various activities. She loves microblogging and working for stray animal welfare. She is an alumnus of IIM Kozhikode (Class of 2015).

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Venu Merh

An Upantya Visharad in Hidustani Sangeet and in Bharatnatyam, Venu has been the epitome of versatility and consistency throughout school and college life. An EC engineer, she was a member of AIESEC & NU Tech where she managed various activities. She loves micro blogging and working for stray animal welfare. She is currently a management student at IIM Kozhikode (Class of 2015). You can read all her stories here. Twitter handle - @foodasaur