Snackable Flight Tickets By An Airline Company – Strategy With RS


If you were a low-cost carrier, what strategy would you deploy to attract flyers to choose your airlines?

Transavia France, a ‘Low-Cost Carrier’ (LCC), is a subsidiary of Air France – KLM.

It decided to make air travel as simple, uncomplicated and affordable as buying a pack of snacks.

For this, it decided to sell affordable tickets to popular getaway destinations – Ex: Paris for – Barcelona, Lisbon & Dublin, in the form of snack items, which came in 3 varieties – 1 flavor representing 1 destination:

  1. Potato Chips priced at Euro 35: Paris to Barcelona
  2. Gummy Sweets priced at Euro 40: Paris to Lisbon
  3. Cereal Bar priced at Euro 40: Paris to Dublin

The prices included the price of snack and 1-way ticket to the destination mentioned in the pack.

These snack-able tickets were sold through vending machines, book stores and super markets in Paris.

The person had to buy the pack of her choice.

After snacking, a code could be found inside the pack. The person had to visit and enter it. In 24 hours, the tickets were in boxed.

This promotion turned travel into a fun and affordable way of traveling.

If you were a customer would you buy this ‘snack-able ticket’?



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ramji yahoo

I will buy . on a related note I request Indian low cost carriers to provide atleast potato chips pocket during the travel. we passengers do not mind adding Rs.20 per pocket with the ticket money. Currently we could book food as an extra but we suggest atleast add potato chips or biscuit pocket in the ticket fare itself.

Rajesh Srivastava

Ramji, apologies for the delay in responding to your comment. I am not sure whether I am qualified to add value to your comment.