A Sneak Peek Into SPJIMR’s GMP Program

Please note SPJIMR GMP is completely DIFFERENT from SP Jain Global MBA (Singapore, Dubai, Australia)!

Today, I had to decide between an IIM and the SPJIMR GMP Program (European Union funded MBA program. Part of the MBA is to be studied at SPJIMR, part of it is to be studied at the partner schools in Europe/US). The IIM, apart from its brand name, the wow factor and appreciation from the society, also comes with placements (avg package 16-17 Lac) at the end of the program. Whereas SPJIMR GMP program will definitely not be appreciated by the neighbour aunty and moreover, it doesn’t have placement concept like the Indian b-schools. [However, please note SPJIMR GMP alumni are working at various organisations like Credit Suisse (Mumbai), Amazon EU (Luxembourg), Barclays (London), Rocket Internet (Berlin), Apple (California), Airbus Helicopters (Munich), ING (Amsterdam), Nissan Benelux (Antwerp) etc]

In spite of the lack of the placement concept, I have decided to go with the SPJIMR GMP program and I am absolutely confident about the decision. Because for me, the main reason I am pursuing an MBA program is to learn to be a better decision maker in the globalised world and not for taking up a high paying job(High paying jobs can be found in IT also, without an MBA). The kind of experience, exposure and learning that I will get through this program is unparalleled. Currently, one of my senior is doing a project with the CFO of the Sandoz pharmaceuticals, Amsterdam. He has also presented projects at Google, Zurich, Switzerland and United Nations, Copenhagen. No amount of money can buy the experience and learning we get from such activities.

Secondly, and more importantly, placements (jobs). Yes, of course, jobs are absolutely important considering the amount of investment I have done in pursuing the MBA. So, though GMP doesn’t have the concept of placements, I am biased towards it when it comes to placements. Because one of the main reasons I am pursuing MBA is that I want to move into project management or consulting. Unlike, Indian B Schools, where we have to take up the job we bag during the placement(it could be anything from data scientist to bank manager but it is not our choice), in Europe, we have the opportunity to find the job and roles we want. So I can be sure that I will end up with that dream job in Europe 🙂 It does sound great, but I will have to struggle a bit, apply to multiple companies, and even be rejected sometimes before I get a job. But then again, bigger the dream, higher the price:). And, when it comes to placements, it is important to understand that except for India, none of the colleges in the world has the concept of placement. Be it Oxford or Yale!

Hope this helps!

Kurangi Desai