“Social Media Has Made It Easy To Speak About The Various Problems Faced By Women” – Celebrating Women’s Day At SJMSOM

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2018, we asked the women of top b-schools across India to highlight their achievements, views on feminism, the #MeToo campaign and their perception of gender inequality in our country.

Hi, I am Shivangi Chouhan. I like to describe myself as a dedicated and socially responsible person. I graduated from Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur where I also received a merit scholarship for being among the top 5 students. I like playing volleyball and represented my college as captain of the girls’ volleyball team. I also like singing, dancing, reading novels and interacting with people.

What does women’s day mean for you?

Women’s day is for celebrating equality and women empowerment.

How would you explain feminism to a 10-year old?

Feminism is women getting ample opportunity to prove their worth rather than it getting decided by personal bias.

Which female icon has inspired you the most and why?

Taylor Swift. I have always liked that she is an inspirational and self-motivated person. Many times, she has been mocked for revealing her personal life in her songs while her male counterparts are praised for being brave and truthful for the same, but she never gave up on her dreams and is a self-made woman. She has also shown to the world that all women in the music industry can come together to support each other and be proud of each others success.

What are your thoughts and feelings about the #MeToo campaign or any such movements on social media?

These movements are important and have helped us realise the problems faced by girls. This has also helped in reducing the stigma attached to sexual harassment and has helped people come out and speak about it in public.

What attitudes towards women have you encountered by men in education (professors, colleagues or students)- that you wish to be corrected?

Most of them don’t give challenging problems to girls thinking they are not capable. One such incident was when boys were scolded for an error in a project submission while going easy and not saying anything to girls.

How will you respond to men who feel women are given partiality in comparison to men at your workplace?

They should understand that there is a difference between equality and equity. While the concept of equal opportunities is prevalent to a certain extent, equity is giving opportunities while keeping other factors in mind as well. And as women face a lot of hardships while working, they need a supporting system to continue which shouldn’t be taken as partiality.

How has social media helped in bringing up the issues faced by women in today’s context?

Social media has made it easy to speak about the various problems faced by women. Also, people can connect with others who have faced similar situations, giving one a much-needed confidence.


Public Relations Team, SJMSOM