Some Previous MIT Application Essays That Really Worked

Summary: If you applying to MIT Sloan MBA Program and need help with your application essays here are few sample essays from last years that might help you. Read the entire blog to know more about MIT Sloan application essays and tips to write them.

Given are the series of MIT Sloan application essays that have been submitted by students who later got admissions in Business school. Please read the following prompts from 2010-11 admissions season.

1. Essay Question

 We understand you’re busy in your life, occupied with a lot of activities where some of those are very important for you. Please tell us something you take pleasure with? (Answer within 100 words)


To an unknown or outside observer, my Sunday schedule will seem to be very boring and uninteresting. I usually watch football match by sitting on my worn corner of the couch for long-stretched hours.

While other people seem taking interest in the action on screen, my mind travel around the unseen showground. How the year has been so far? Number of Tom Brady has thrown for today?

There is that unseen computing remains active inside me and I weigh up the possibilities and hope for those far-fetched arithmetical game. No matter what the score is, I will again be back to the same crumbed corner next Sunday— again ascetic, passionate by the statistics.

2. Essay Question

Describe the quality of your personality you feel proud about and how that special attribute has impacted your life so far? This attribute or quality could be anything like your effective leadership quality, sense of humour, creativity, integrity etc? (Answer in 250 words)


Let’s see at a typical desk, what do you see? Some people see just a tape and paper lying on the table but I see an easy to use steel and cement. ‘I mainly look through the eyes of creator itself who’s created this resourceful stuff. Its quality is so wonderful that it makes me feel proud. My creativity brewed when once I set in my father’s office.

Seriously, I was feeling very bore at that time then I got a stack of some extra paper and made a slingshot out of it. And afterwards, I kept making smaller artifacts created from simple and waste stuffs such as armour from a repurposed newspaper, Ferris wheels and the crossbows.

Despite of having the plentiful complexity in the project, the basic concept always remains the same. With the help of drift objects, I make cool stuffs- at least those appeal. I know that not all people will feel the same about my creation as I do. I keep the late night hours and work on my unusual (for others) projects like making the crossbow to decorate the dining room that my mom simply doesn’t like.

Moreover, I love to play games with my family and friends a lot and spend quality time with them but meanwhile, I learn a lot by observing their unseen talent.

Good Luck!