Space Internet is Here

Space Internet will beam internet at speeds equal to if not better than fibre optic cables. For that it intends to surround earth with 1000s of low satellite who will sit in, what can be called as, low earth orbit – 5000 miles form earth, low enough to provide high speed access to internet but high enough to avoid interferences from other communication satellite & spectrum.

Currently, only people staying in cities have access to high speed internet. With Space Internet the rest of humanity too will have access to it. In short every human on the planet can have access to high speed internet! And best of all the whole world will have a back up internet service!

Two companies are already creating waves in this domain – Elon Musk with Space X & Greg Wyle with OneWeb.

Does all this sound quixotic?

Then permit me to introduce you to O3b – the name is abbreviation for ‘Other 3 billion’. As the name suggest’s it is striving to provide high speed internet connectivity to the ‘other 3 billion’ who do not currently have access to high speed internet. O3b is already operating a network of 12 internet beaming satellite for the past few months.

And the big guns in this area are predicting that by 2019 Space Internet will become an integral part of lives!



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