Spirituality In Management

India is a country rich in heritage and diversity, the ancient Indus valley civilization is an example where culture and tradition unearthed talent for the betterment of the society. The talent was managed with wisdom and understanding. The Gurukhula system of learning inculcated respect for seniors along with obedience and practical learning. Indians had long dominated the world scenario in education with leading universities.However, the past few centuries with the inquests by foreigners had disintegrated the Indian ethos and value systems. The heart of learning was Spirituality and the belief of Karma.

Today’s world scenario shows the murky side of gross materialism and opportunistic greed. The world wars and the periods of conflict have destabilized economy and business alike. The recent scandals that highlight the spiritual bankruptcy of the highly enterprising individuals be it Satyam computers or Lehman Brothers. The lack of morals and greed has imbibed a criminal and corrupt culture that penetrates through the ranks. The managers and leaders had masked their professionalism with misguided ambitions. The innermost core values and convictions of management have disenchanted the truth.

Spiritual knowledge leads to growth and sustainability.Being deeply rooted amidst the flowery world is a hard choice.”You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation.”

The executives of the present operate under extremely competitive, complex and demanding situation. Instant gratification can lead to destructive decision making even for personnel at the helm of affairs. Being grounded in reality and hard work often requires fundamentals that have spirituality and character as prerequisites.

The case study of Taj Hotels (Owned by Tata), which was under attack by terrorists, acts as the perfect foil to measure how the selfless service-oriented attitude even at the foothold of death was much admired. “Athithi Devo Bhava”, thus, was not a phrase but a gospel truth in action of spiritual essence.

Reinventing oneself as well as business requires an ideology and vision that embraces truth yet captures the imagination. Losses and failures are part and parcel of life, our reactions are often characteristic of our innate attitudes that can be moulded with spirituality. Even our thoughts can be pruned with guidance and control over self. Meditation acts a medium within spirituality that initiates an action while judging the situation with calmness.

The predisposition towards success and unrealistic expectations lead to disappointment when goals are underachieved. The vacuum created by reality and dreams can be fulfilled by a purpose-driven life. While there is an exponential growth in anti-depressants, suicides as people search for the meaning of life. The fixation towards placements and 6 digit salary can endanger the spiritual being within.

The million dollar idea to be the heart of change and remain true to the value systems and belief amidst the unpredictable world of business. The exponents of educational institutes have instilled a sense of purpose and significance by bringing courses on spirituality and management into the Indian Mindset.
SP Jain, IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore and IIM Kozhikode have tread upon this very path as part of their main curriculum. The Land of Buddha and Gandhi will thus certainly contribute towards the reviving of spirit and soul that of valour and values!!

Sharun Sanel

I am a continuum,yet constantly evolving over time.I love creativity,exploring the different facets of life like dancing,debate and writing.I worked as a Business Analyst in Accenture,before joining IMT. "Follow your Inner Moonlight,Don't Hide the Madness"