SPJIMR’s PGCIM- Personal Growth Lab 2014-15- An event beyond experience

SPJIMR follows a unique approach in teaching “Organisational Behavior” conceptualized by Dr. Lata Dhir (an Erasmus Scholar and a Psychiatrist). Here OB as a subject unlike other MBA colleges is not taught in the class like any other course. Dr Lata Dhir has made it more practical by designing a program called “Personal Growth Lab (PG Lab)”.

Prof. Lata Dhir along with her team (Prof. Christo Nel, Prof. Malay Krishna and Prof. Debasis Malik) have designed an amazing and rejuvenating style of teaching OB this year. The team believes that teaching OB in the class doesn’t help much in adding value to the students.

Chronicle 1 of PG Lab:

The day kicked off with an inspiring session by Prof.Christo Nel (from Nyenrode Business School, Netherlands) by asking us to narrate “Our Greatness Story” till date. To foster our interest, he briefed us by sharing his “Greatness Story” which left us all in “AWE!”.

Followed by an eye-opener session on “Visualization”, by depicting something which represents “What we are now and What we want to be after 5 Years”.

After a short break from the scrumptious lunch, we headed over for an insightful session by Dr.Debasis Malik on “Soul, Spirit, Mind and Body”.

The day ended on a high spirit – with an exciting DJ night!


Chronicle 2 of PG Lab – Outbound activities

The day 2 started off with informative sessions on building the knowledge about Emotional Quotient analysis, FIRO and interpretation of Johari Window.

Then followed by outbound activities in the afternoon, which were truly exulting and accompanied by beautiful climate of Lonavala. By early evening, we gathered again for “Egg drop” event, an opportunity to portray our managerial skills in managing the resources efficiently and effectively.

The day ended with – an energizing DJ night again!


Chronicle 3 of PG Lab – Trek to Dukes Nose!

The day 3 kicked off with an amazing trek to the Dukes Nose. Though it seemed quite impossible to trek on first sight, but we managed to relish the moments which etched unforgettable memories in our lives.

After returning back, we were segregated into 2 teams for “Event Management”. Though we were left with very short time in our pockets, we could utilize it optimally and were successful in making the event amusing and emotionally connected.

Again, the day got concluded with a DJ Night!


Chronicle 4 of PG Lab:

The day kicked off with an instinctive session by splitting us into 4 teams based on personality traits of “Extroversion and Introversion” and were asked to debate on the pros and cons of both traits.

Followed by prize distribution for “Egg drop” event winners and runners, and they are none other than “Born to Fly“ and “Ande ka Funda“.

The big day ended with a never ending photo-session and “Tons of Fun”!


Article by:

Shravya Narendula

PGCIM Batch of 2014-2015