Splashing, Stripping and Rang Barse at IIM Lucknow

The festival of colours saw students from various parts of the country come together and celebrate Holi in a style most unique where everyone from students to faculty members became one with red, green and blue, covering the red bricks with hues and happiness.


The morning began after the previous night’s Holika Dahan, with celebration enthusiasts knocking doors, pretending to be the campus newspaper-waala, the dhobi or the guy with the monthly Amul bill. The poor Hellite could barely open his eyes, and before he knew, he had already stolen a rainbow! It was unbelievable but it did happen – some of the most lethargic, lazy and sluggish geeks could also be dragged out of their rooms! The air was occupied by colours and cheers shouting “holi hai!”


Soon, the loud music set in and a rain dance, organized by the Student Council, saw the students gather near the Fauji Dhaba. There went a lot of splashing of coloured water inside the small pool that was artificially created nearby. Following this, the funniest part began – the “Vastra Haran”. Eyes would pop out at the thought of it but this time the victims happily stripped themselves. The boys ripped their t-shirts apart and in a short span of time they were all topless.


What’s beautiful about the whole event was the spot displayed the versatility of our country. From music to dance, from water to dal and curry, from colour to mud, and from sweets to lassi, the students experienced the celebration style from all parts of the country.


Some had a blast, others became nostalgic as they recalled the closeness and warmth of holi at home. Indeed, holi celebrations showed how little tiffs and differences that build up throughout the year get washed away by the water and colour. This was definitely a unique memory and many would look forward to having again next year, with the same vigour, zeal and enthusiasm. The event saw around 500 students coming together on this day.


(This article is written by Debalina Haldar, class of 2015 student at IIM Lucknow. Her novel, The Female Ward, was published in May, 2013. She is the Creative Head and Core Coordinator of the Media and Communication Cell at IIM Lucknow.)


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