Spotlight On The IIM-U Campus | Anindya Jyothi Chandra

The article is about the unique campus of IIM Udaipur. A campus which might be undoubtedly unique even amongst all the IIMs or B-school campus in India. Therefore, I would like to put the spotlight on the campus and take you on a ride around the campus in the hope of you also getting on board with my claim about the campus.

As already quite obvious from the name, the campus is located in the beautiful city of Udaipur also known as the ‘lakecity’. The campus is spread in the hills of Balicha, on the Udaipur-Ahmedabad highway and spread across 300 acres of land. Due to this wonderful location, landscaping is done by the nature itself. The terrain also leads to some confusions. Like for example, the ground floor for the hostels would be the ground floor for the academic building. Therefore, it takes some time for the newcomers to understand the buildings.

The students at IIMU just love the rains. The reason being the view students get when they wake up. During the rainy seasons, the clouds cross through the hills and sometimes even enter the rooms in the top floor of the hostels. The hills are turning green suddenly from the brown colour. This wonderful scenery just pulls the students out of their beds allowing them to fight one of the biggest problems any college student faces, “Waking up early in the morning”.

Now, I would like to give you an experience of few of the beautiful man-made buildings and the architecture of the campus. Being in the lake city, the architecture of the campus also tries to bring an essence of that in the campus. Therefore, there are a total of 3 lakes inside the campus. This also gives the campus the self-sustaining capabilities in terms of water requirement. Just attached to the lake is the stage. This stage is completely different and unique from any general stage of any campus. The roof of the stage is 6 floors high. The reason for this is again the wonderful terrain due to the natural hills I mentioned earlier in the article. The roof is a bridge and the library area which connects the two parts of the academic block. This gives the stage a wonderful aesthetic and the lake is always there just beside the stage area to give more panache to the stage. Due to this, the stage area is one of the most beautiful stage areas I have ever seen in my life.

The last spotlight I would like to throw upon are the small hills and the water towers which are present inside the campus area. Occasionally, many students climb up these small hills and the tower to get even a better view from the tower and let the wind and the view take the stress of the hectic academic schedule that the students go through, helping them relax.

Which company of Aditya Birla Group I would like to work for and why:

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