A Star-ry Internship Experience At Star India Pvt Ltd. – Shreya Agarwal – XLRI Jamshedpur

“What’s your favourite show?” my boss asks as I walk into his cabin. “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon,” I reply with sparkling eyes. Oh, it’s coming back for a new season; replies my boss with a smile. I struggle to control the surge of happiness that courses through me at the thought. Thus starts my first day at Star India Pvt Ltd. A refreshing cocktail of starry-eyed sightings of TV actors and former cricketers, TVs at every desk doling out generous portions of melodrama, romance and conspiracies to homely, warm and trusting housewives and a project that involved me analysing movies and shows, Star TV is only the best organisation I could have hoped to work for in my life. I can only hope that all MBA interns have half the luck I did to end up at a summer internship organisation that combines creativity with analysis, hard work with fun and global with local. On a work trip to Patiala, amidst gruelling focus groups discussions, Punjabi food feasts, horror stories of staying at a former palace alone, spiritual mornings doing seva at a gurudwara and phulkari dupatta shopping expeditions, I learnt a little about people and life; about priorities, living in the present and ambition. About the simple life, the importance of family and needs and desires of the masses. We get so caught up in the rat race in school, college, work and life that we forget that one doesn’t need much to be happy, perhaps money, success and prestige are not what one should strive for, perhaps simplicity, love and family are more important and one shouldn’t lose sight of them. These two months gave me some time to think about my future, career and what it is that I wanted to do in life. I asked myself why I was enjoying my internship so much, was it the industry (being a mass media graduate, the exhilarating world of media had always called out to me), was it the product which I was so passionately involved with, was it the work environment with friendly bosses and guides who were there to guide me every time I needed it, was it the project that spoke to the writer in me while also appealing to the logical, rational part within me or was it simply the fact that I was finally working for my dream organisation. I realised that it was probably a combination of all these factors and that I didn’t need to find a reason for the happiness I felt as I walked through the glass doors of the office. Very few people know what they’re looking for and even fewer find it and have the luck to make a career in it. They say “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I have found what I love and no matter what happens in the future, I shall forever remain grateful to Star for helping me find my calling in life.

Shreya Agarwal

Shreya Agarwal is a second year student of the Business Management programme at XLRI, Jamshedpur. She is a Bollywood buff, an incurable romantic and a true blue Mumbaikar.