Start-Ups In India – Growing Or Making Customers Feel Cheated

I am a start-up enthusiast. I really feel India is growing with a combination of young energetic mind and of course Angel or Seed Funding. I always tried to get more knowledge of what and how start-ups are working? How they are providing the services and on what basis actually they are getting Funding and Business Revenue?

And after so much of research what I analyse is:

“You resolve one problem of Indian Society you will be a startup with lots of funding and Business revenue” of course it requires a lot of hard work, innovation and a journey with lots of struggle.

Like Ola (ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd) (Hassle free car booking services), OpinioApp (Hassle free delivery of products), Paytm (Hassle-free payment gateway and 100’s of unbelievable discount) etc. Shopclues (A hyperlocal street market online portal with an option of bulk purchasing with discounted price), FoodPanda (Hassle Free food ordering with quick delivery and discounts).

But my earlier opinion “Indian is growing with young energetic mind and of course Angel or Seed Funding” seems to be incorrect. Actually, India is not growing, None of the problems is solved by any of the start-ups. They start with the promise of solving the problem. In early phase every start-up try to do so but most of them actually seems unable to continue the same promise and commitment towards their work and motto, once they start to grow they only concentrate on their business revenue not on the service part, not on what they have promised to the customer, even they don’t value their long time customer, what all is left is, the tendency to grow but without vision and mission.

If anyone googles about the complaints of any company – Say Ola OpinioApp, Paytm, Shopclues etc on different forums one will find 1000s of unresolved or unanswered complains the only common thing in all these complains is “The Frustration of Customer where customer actually knows whatever he/she is writing in complaints is not going to resolve or will remain un-heard. It’s just they are putting their frustration and feeling in words on any forums just to feel relax”.

I mean just think how you feel as a customer if you came to know that the product you purchased is Parallel import or Pirated @Paytm etc.

You order a brand new mobile phone and what you get on delivery is an old used Mobile Phone @ShopClues etc.

Cab you booked is cancelled or delayed without any reason and you miss your flight or an urgent meeting @Ola, @Taxi for Sure, @Meru etc.

You are doing delivery with a company, once you start feeling comfortable with them all of a sudden they have increased prices two times and the quality of service has reduced to half and you don’t have any other option. @OpinioApp Etc.

Food you are ordering is lesser in quantity what actually you get from a same restro or hotel when you placing the order directly @Foodpanda.

(Won’t you feel cheated by the Young energetic minds who are no more valuing their idea which was actually their Identity and key to further growth)

These are some examples where I feel the same and I believe there are so many like me who are feeling the same or may be worst than anyone can expect for different companies.

So Is this happening because of Monopoly in Market or dependency created by them in the market or is it something else?