‘I Started With The Section I Was Weakest In’ – Sairam Pasupuleti (98.17%iler In SNAP 2016) On Cracking The SNAP – SIBM Bengaluru

Sairam, popularly referred to by friends in SIBM B as Ram is a force to reckon with. Ram is an achiever, to say the least. He makes cracking SNAP look like a piece of cake. Making everyone feel as if it is easily achievable. In fact, by following his SNAP journey, it just might be.

So, what has been your SNAP funda? 

My funda to crack the SNAP was practice. I believe that when you set your mind to something, everything is achievable with the right amount of hard work and sincerity. So was the case with SNAP.

What was your experience with the SNAP 2016 paper? 

Talking about last year’s SNAP paper, if I have to sum up the difficulty level of the exam in one word, the word would be moderate. The Verbal Ability section, in my opinion, was easy to moderate, the Quant section was moderate, but certain questions based on Geometry were a bit tricky (accuracy in such questions is to be of the utmost importance). I found the Reasoning and GK sections comparatively difficult than all the other sections.

What was your point of focus during the preparation phase?

While preparing for SNAP my major focus was on solving Logical Reasoning since it is one of the most crucial sections and carries a weightage of 40 marks. Quant is my strength, so I gave myself 30 minutes to attempt the maximum possible questions and devoted the rest of the time to sections that I was weak in.

What was your test prep strategy over the final months leading to SNAP? 

During the preparation phase, I appeared for many sectional tests for GK and Verbal Ability sections, in an attempt to practice as much as I could in an environment relative to the actual exam day. Along with that, I used to practice extensively, trying to assess each paper that I gave and worked on each problem that I discovered along the way, to get a better score.

What was your D-Day strategy?

My D-Day strategy was fairly simple, it was to start with the section that I am weakest in as I believe that a fresh mind can do wonders in an exam. So, I started with Logical Reasoning and subsequently moved towards Verbal ability and Quant.

Any final tips for the aspirants of SNAP 2017?

My tip to everyone out there aiming to crack SNAP is to assess all your mock exams, work on your problem areas, and of course practice.

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