Starting A New Path – IIM Kashipur

Everyone knows that IIM Kashipur is one of the leading Business Schools in the country. Being a fresher there were several parameters which led me to the decision of joining IIM Kashipur.

As every fresher finds himself/herself in the dilemma of joining or not joining when they convert a new IIM, I too was not spared from it. The day I converted my research began to evaluate the solution to the problem of joining or not joining. For most people the city for attending a B-School is also a crucial parameter, for me, it wasn’t the case but to cover that I’d say that Kashipur has one of the most beautiful visiting destinations like Nainital & Jim Corbett close to it which be visited easily over the weekends, so that was a plus point which everyone would enjoy. For learning about the institution I went to the official website and started by downloading the brochure for the institution and started reading it, so far it was quite enticing seeing the learning opportunities which were provided to the students here and the various clubs and committees which were functioning here made me realize that the Post Graduate Program here was no less promising than that in any other institution. After being done with the study of what the program offers here I moved to the placement statistics mentioned in the brochure as that happens to be one of the determining factors for attending any institution. The placements were quite acceptable in terms of ROI which is something that I was looking for in the B-school which I would select for me. The batch profile here also indicated a good amount of freshers attending IIM Kashipur which also added to my interest in joining this institution. Once the analysis of the placements was done it was time for me to reach a decision. The only thing confusing me here was that if I should give myself one more chance to have a try for those premier B-schools like the old IIMs. The choices available to me apart from joining were either gain work experience and retake CAT or take a drop and prepare for CAT. Both the choices were going to take some time from my life and could lead me to a place which was unpredictable for the foreseeable future. The scenario I assumed with the very first choice was that if I joined IIM Kashipur now, after completing my Management studies this way I will have more time to grow myself in the business world and place myself at a better position. So instead of investing my time in reaching the B-schools with big numbers in their placement reports, I decided to give that time in the corporate world. The program here will provide me with the best possible source of knowledge and that is something which will help me in attaining my objectives. So after going through these parameters I have finally joined IIM Kashipur and looking forward to achieving the best I can.


Which ABG company would one want to work for and why?

I would like to work for “Aditya Birla Management Corporation Private Limited (ABMCPL)” as it offers a number of specialities and hence a variety of work for one to find the most suitable one for them and hence a variety of things for one to learn from. ABG is one of the top ten corporate companies functioning in the country and working in ABMCPL allows me to work at the governing source for the various companies in the group which in turn allows me to contribute from the apex of all the companies in the group.

– Utkarsh Yadav

IIM Kashipur


IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur