A Step Forward – IIM Kashipur

Located in Kashipur, a place that none of us would have bothered to search for unless we started out CAT preparation. I would like to go to the extent of saying that it was IIM Kashipur that gave this place a visiting card to the outer world. A Campus deliberately located in one of the backward regions in Uttarakhand out of the hope that it will develop the surrounding regions. It is exactly doing what it was intended to do.

The Campus is an Architectural beauty in itself. Beauty is subjective. The red brick walls look half done but artistic. IIM Kashipur is one of the first Institutes to get a permanent Campus and we cannot thank enough to the visionary who initiated for speedy completion. The Hostels are constructed with radiant temperature control system which ensures that the rooms are insulated from extreme temperatures. The Hostel blocks, Mess and the Academic and administrative blocks are placed appropriately that none of them are too far away from one another.

The Night lamps that are placed in and around the campus are lit at night and light up the mood for carrying out activities round the clock. It very much denotes the contagious energy that the Campus inherits. The focus lights light up the Football and Volleyball courts and therefore time is not a constraint to break some sweat in IIM Kashipur. Our Campus becomes active, especially during the Nights. That is when students find time for Club activities and for other events. All important buildings in the Campus are pedestrian friendly. In our Campus, we can walk from any point to another in footpaths. Most important of all, the campus is disabled friendly as well.

The Mess is the most happening place in our campus. Any day, it looks like a co-working space. People work, eat and play in our Mess. The ingredients are acquired locally and therefore the food is fresh and not even a minority of students will have complaints regarding the food quality. Fresh Fruits, Especially mangoes from the nearby farms is a privilege that we are happy to have. We have two Cafeterias open with food and beverages till 4 AM which helps us recharge if we are running low on caffeine. Just like any other Campus, midnight noodles are our favorite too.

The Amphitheatre is perfectly placed in the middle of all important blocks making it accessible very easily and therefore it is used regularly. There is complete freedom for women to access any corner of the campus at any time in the night and we are proud to have created an atmosphere for it. Lovebirds beautify our campus and Moral policing is a not in our Dictionary.

Asking students about their institute is like asking about our parents. Ours will always be the best. With more Infrastructure being added with the same design philosophy, our campus will continue to provide the best “Quality of living” in the Country.

Which ABG company would one want to work for and why?

I would like to work under Grasim Industries which is under the ABG. Especially, I would like to work in the Sustainable Energy sector as it is a sector of interest to me due to my undergraduate background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The move by ABG  to enter the Solar Energy sector by ABG comes at a time when the government is pursuing an ambitious target to generate 175,000 megawatts (MW) of green energy by 2022. Therefore I would like to be a part of the journey that ABG is pursuing in this sector as the Solar Energy business has the support of the Governments and the people globally.


– R Gokul Ramanan

IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur