Steps Of Failure That Led To Success – Vaibhav’s Journey To JBIMS

Everyone around us, each and every single person on this planet is talented in one or the other way. Its upon the person to find that ray of hope and let it shine. Some people are born brilliant, but those are exceptional. There is nothing in this world a person cannot achieve with his sheer talent and hard work. Its only about choosing wisely what to do and what not to.

Coming to my story, I am a Civil engineer and the graduation was a tumultuous phase of my life. 68% was the most positive number that I could score during those years of struggle. I was just never thrilled enough to study this course so I got distracted and somehow lost the track of academics. Our middle-class society is nurtured in such a way that it pressurises naive students to take a course based on financial aspects and status rather than the interest of students. And after passing 12th, students too are not mature enough to select a course which they really love. So coming to the point, I took civil engineering but did not enjoy it and eventually I screwed my academics, failing in the second year of my graduation. I indulged in activities which were a distraction. This kept me away from studies and I was totally unaware of the fact that I was screwing up my career. A person never learns until he fails and its the failure that gives you a proper perspective on success. Failure shocked me to the core and made me realise that I have lost track and need to gather myself. Regardless of my interest in the subjects, I somehow managed to clear my degree with poor grades and an extra year. It felt really bad when my classmates were graduating while I was still stuck in college. It was a crucial setback in my life.

I had always dreamt of being an entrepreneur. I am a creative person with a curious mind and even during the graduation period I had several innovative ideas of business. MBA seemed to be the best option to learn and experience the various aspects of business management. After passing out in July 2017, I started preparation for CAT 2017, but I had little time for the required preparation. My score was 78% and I thought it was just not good enough. So my next chance was MBA-CET 2018 and I hoped to do well there. JBIMS was my dream college. It was the platform I thought will give me the required exposure and education. I was quite determined this time and worked hard towards my goal. I made a strategy and worked on each individual topic until I got it perfect. And then it was just practice.

The journey began with abysmally low scores. My marks were hovering around 90 out of 200 in the initial mock tests. But I persevered and continued my hard work without getting de-motivated from these setbacks. Eventually, my hard work started yielding some positive results and my score began to rise gradually.

On the day of the exam, I was quite confident about my preparation and gave my best. This effort of sheer determination and consistent hard work with a dash of luck helped me to get in one of the top b-schools of India. I think it’s the ordinary people who achieve extraordinary things in life. It’s all about entering the field which really kicks you from within and inspires to reach the zenith of success. And then once when you are on the right track, it’s always “All is well”!

Vaibhav Harde

Vaibhav Harde First year MMS, JBIMS Mumbai.