How To Stick Around At Your B-School And Make The Most Of It?

It is one of those times when most of the first year students in the premier b-schools of our country are perpetually high of sleep deprivation and are trying to find a meaning of what is happening to them. And it won’t be an exaggeration if I say that few are contemplating about leaving the b-school and going back to their work life, which, for the most, was far easier than life at a b-school. The quest for being the best or rather getting the best (company) is on a high among the over-achievers, and a few like me, are concerned about somehow ending up with an internship. It’s the beginning of a long race from places like Jamshedpur, Lucknow, Kozhikode etc., to places like Seoul, Amsterdam, NYC or Tokyo, and no one wants to be the last. If you ask me about my experience, I feel like I am living Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’ in reverse. The end-term is the ‘Paradiso’, the few days between the SIPs and end-term would be the ‘Purgatorio’ and the SIPs would definitely be the ‘Inferno’.

As I look around me, I can see people on the verge of breaking down and each one of them having their own problems which are accentuating the dread. Be it relationships, a weak CV, first-time rejections, low academic scores or even newly found heartbreaks, all of us are fighting our own fears day in and day out. I hope this post helps my peeps across the top b-schools to be calm and sane in their fight for survival. And if you are someone like me, who clearly doesn’t fall in the overachiever category, I am sure you will find the following pointers relevant in pushing yourself across the line:-

  • Let it be Look around guys, you are living your dream. I get that its tough but even roller coaster rides are tough, but we do enjoy them right? You are sitting in one of the best institutions this country has to offer and there are lakhs of students who aspire to be where you are. Just let it be for a moment, take a deep breath and have a walk around your campus. Remember, women and men of caliber have passed out through the very gates through which you pass and they have made it in life. And trust me, so will you. The best part is, life isn’t fair to anyone and the girl or guy with the best package may not have the best life. Now that you are here, just free yourself from thoughts that won’t matter 10 years from now. As John and Paul said, “Let it be.”

Abbey Road Cover Pic

  • Short on Shortlists – I know many of you won’t agree with this, and you will give an argument that placements are the most important part and we all have taken huge loans. But, hear me when I say, shortlists aren’t everything. Even the ones with a 100 shortlists will finally go for a single job and so will you. So, what’s the difference? Maybe a couple of lakhs? Would it matter when you will be sitting somewhere in Parvati Valley with your loved one, sipping a cup of hot chocolate? Maybe the other guy would be in Florence at the same time with his love interest, but you know, its the person who you will be with, that would matter and not the place. So even if you get a single shortlist, try and convert the same rather than chasing false dreams of what’s not yours. I am ready for all those ‘Close but no Cigar’ moments and you should be ready too.

Close but No Cigar

  • September (Not a) Syndrome – Now see, I don’t mind people making irrational decisions in distress, but you gotta live with it. The guilt trips, the ‘I am a bad person’ phase, or ‘I needed this because I felt alone’ – is of your own doing. You are a grown up and it was your idea to do whatever you did, so why don’t you act like an adult and just accept it. It isn’t the time to be depressed about something that you probably won’t remember few years down the line. The time demands you to deal with more important things and you need to work for it. We all are humans and we take humane decisions, and its ok to not be a perfect person all the time. I hope the insinuations were enough to put you on the right track. You should know – ‘What happens in a b-school, stays in a b-school.’

I pray you all get what you deserve and November brings you joy enough to forgive and forget the month before. And I wish that you pray for me to get at least one shortlist because from where I stand, things seem quite bleak. Β 

Shamik Bandyopadhyay

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Rahul Barman

Sir, I sincerely hope that you get your dream shortlist. But I would like to know how to become a clueless writer or a XL convert !