The Story Of My Life At MDI

Every person aspiring to pursue an MBA has his/her own reasons to make a jump into the management side of the business world. For one, it could be the first career decision made completely out of own choice, the other wanting to quit their software/core job to pursue their passion and it could also be to build a strong work ethic and affable personality that MBA graduates are known to possess.

But, often on close inspection we find that we don’t exactly know how the MBA would help us achieve our goals, after all it is just another degree like the undergraduate one we’d just been through. This is where my misconception/lack of perspective lied, coming from a software job with management experience and ability to pull continuous 30-hour work stints I believed that the purported rigor is the game I’m already good at. Just how wrong I was…

Cometh the Induction Week, the week of all weeks which, in hindsight, I would recall as the best learning experience I have had so far in the 24 years I’ve existed. Mental and physical stress combined with ever-nearing deadlines made me pray for Hermione’s Time-Turner to fit more hours in the day. Over the week I learned to prioritize, dissect and establish a sub-conscious self that is efficient, goal-oriented and extremely focused. It is said to bring the best or the worst in oneself. I discovered my potential which is now the crux of my renewed efforts at bettering myself as an individual.

I have a very close connection with the Aditya Birla Group. My alma mater BITS Pilani was the brainchild of GD Birla, the college that helped me grow from a shy, dependent kid to a responsible adult and building a strong personality along the way. Here, I also generated an interest in finance through electives and workshops that I personally took forward with additional learning to become a fundamental investor using my savings to build a portfolio providing good returns.

An MBA for me is a stepping stone to get into the financial world with an academic backing, and, Aditya Birla Capital being one of the best financial services provider in the country is a company I had dreamed to get into. With its vast portfolio including asset management, private equity, wealth management and a host of other services, it is the perfect platform for me to work and help realize the company’s and my potential