On Strategic Consulting – IIM Rohtak

The Setting: IIM Rohtak

The Class: Strategic Consulting

Why it’s Memorable:  Professor who is teaching us strategy consulting has 40 years of industry experience and follows his own style in making every student participate in class discussion. He always encourages students to think beyond limits.  Augmented reality and virtual reality being the most repeated words in his class give us a gist of his fervor for technology. One day in the class he brought up a discussion on the present leader in DTH space in India and started discussing threats. The discussion moved forward quickly to what the company should do to remain at the top. One student came up with the idea that the DTH company can use data analytics to find out which programmes are engaging individuals most and to customize data and suggest the viewer on similar programs. Another student came up with the suggestion that by imbibing voice control technology in the set-top box we can give commands to change channels and give commands to the TV without the use of the remote. One more interesting thought that popped up is stream the content from individuals to specific set-top boxes they wish to, i.e., for example, a wedding can be live telecasted directly to the houses of relatives. Another thought that came up in the class is that to capture the facial expressions of the viewer while they are watching an advertisement or movie and use to create more engaging content. To this, there is question from the professor that will the viewers be comfortable with capturing their facial expressions. Another thought that came up that day in the class is that to collate with telecom operators and offer internet, DTH and telecommunication services in a single bundle. As the class discussion progressed during the class the professor would zero down on the student he felt would have the best possible contribution moving forward. At IIM Rohtak the unconventional style of teaching encourages one to question, disagree, debate and delve deeper into the topic. We are encouraged even to debate on the popular industry practices and come up with best alternatives at the same time. The practicality of the ideas is always weighed more than some random idea. The best practice that I took up from IIM Rohtak is structured thinking. It completely added new dynamics to my thought process. I wish this culture would be prevalent at all stages of education and across all institutions in the country.


Which Birla group of companies do you want to join and why?

Being a finance enthusiast, I would like to join Aditya Birla Payments Bank. The present scenario demands the company in this industry to come up with innovative banking solutions for solving the day to day banking issues people are facing. This involves a pinch of marketing, operational efficiency, agility to be the first. Aditya Birla Payment Bank which is incepted five months back has shown the gist of a start-up and augustness of its parent company. And also, application of technology is the backbone of Payment Banks, where high data analytics is involved. So being a finance major with interest in analytics and in knowing the operations of the banking sector, I believe Aditya Birla Payment Bank gives me an opportunity to work in an industry which is the future of banking.