Strategym 2011 – JBIMS students present 7 papers on ‘Poverty Alleviation and Equitable Justice’

JBIMS students aspire to be the face of change at STRATEGYM’11

An amalgamation of innovation and ideas of the youth with the expertise of the corporates is the essence of Strategym – The Annual Business Convention of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. This ideology was at display when research papers were presented at Strategym’11 organised at ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai.


Strategym’11 was inaugurated by Mr. Gagan Banga, CEO of Indiabulls Financial Services. A total of 7 papers were presented by the students that emphasized on “Poverty Alleviation and Equitable Justice” the theme for this year. The teams presented research papers in varied fields that offered pragmatic solutions to tackle various socio-economic issues. The teams were judged by experts and eminent panellists from the relevant fields who gave their recommendations and suggestions, to help students further develop their proposals.

Every research paper presented at Strategym was backed by rigorous research for several weeks. The paper on “Revival of Primary Healthcare Centres in Mumbai” designed a model for providing quality healthcare services leading to equitable distribution, community participation, inter-sectoral coordination and appropriate implementation of technology. In spite of being one of India’s largest telephone service providers, BSNL has lost its edge to more nimble-footed private sector rivals. The research paper “BSNL Dials a Turnaround” worked on understanding the root cause of all the issues faced by BSNL and attempted to turnaround BSNL’s fortunes in a realistic time frame by providing pragmatic and feasible solutions.

The dwindling contribution of the agri-sector to the national GDP in spite of it being the source of livelihood for a huge population prompted the students to come up with a model that takes agri-commodity trading to the doorsteps of small and medium landholders through their paper “Enterprising Indian Agriculture”. This paper was taken up by L&T Finance Holdings even before it was presented. Through the research paper “Turnaround of BEST” the students evaluated the current business model of BEST, identified loopholes and suggested the use of technology such as GPS to achieve revenue growth in the face of reducing customer share and increasing competition.

The 3rd prize winner at Strategym ’11 was the paper on ‘Insurance – A Way to Social Security’. This paper aimed at revamping the insurance sector in both rural and urban areas by developing innovative strategies to insure the uninsured and examining the role of IRDA in the growth of the insurance industry.

The paper on ‘Affordable Housing’, which was awarded the 2nd prize at Strategym’11, worked at addressing the housing deficit in Mumbai by proposing a Multi Stakeholder Gaps and Linkages Model that spans across the entire ecosystem of the sector. This paper has been taken up by DHFL for implementation.

The winning paper at Strategym this year, ‘Revamping Doordarshan’, performed a critical analysis of the existing business model so as to suggest improvements in quality, slotted problems into focus-groups and provided recommendations in three major domains – operations, technology and content.

The panellists and experts congratulated the students of JBIMS for taking up topics of such social relevance and mentioned that the quality of research that was carried out for each paper surpassed their expectations and did full justice to the legacy of the institute. In the past, research papers presented at Strategym have been bought by companies like UNICEF, UNDP, LIC.

Strategym successfully concluded its 16th year since its inception in 1996 with an attempt to positively affect the society and a promise to be back with more of such initiatives and bigger responsibilities next year.


Cheif Guest Mr.Gagan Banga, CEO of Indiabulls Financial Services

The winners!

JBIMS Corporate Relations Committee

- Pratik Lonare (MMS-1 Student at JBIMS)