Students from IIM Rohtak ace the BAT Challenge

Indians seem to have that ‘genius gene’ in them, and it always adds a feather to our cap of the ‘Great Indian Intellectual Legacy’ when any international competitive event toppers’ list is adorned by a quite a few number of familiar Indian names. This time it is the Bloomberg Hall of Fame, published based on the performance in Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT).
The BAT is conducted by the Bloomberg Institute. It is a worldwide test, which allows the participants to showcase their strength in financial domain. The test is conducted in 60 countries in 3526 universities. It allows a successful taker to connect to as high as 665 financial employers worldwide. It is a competitive playground to juxtapose one’s strengths against the rest of the world, and it commands a high value addition to one’s resume from the perspective of financial recruiters.

Indian students fared well in the test, and Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak (IIM R) is proud to see many names in its students-roll appearing in the Hall of Fame.  Kartik Kalra of IIM R 2012-14 batch is Number 3 among the test takers of the world. Coming to region-specific lists, The Asia and Pacific (APAC) list has five students from IIM Rohtak. Along with Kartik Kalra at Rank 1, there are Rakesh Gandhari and Varun Gogia at Rank 2, Naresh Sharma at Rank 3, and Vivek Rokade at Rank 5.

It is a sure sign that IIM R is qualitatively out of its imposed infancy that comes with the overly used tag “New IIM”. Well past its infant years, the institute has become a mature player, and its students are surpassing the ones in the world’s best universities in highly challenging exams like the BAT. Great way to declare a transition to adulthood, IIM Rohtak!

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