The Subtle Art Of Time Management For A Management Student By A Management Student

8 AM in the morning, snoozes the alarm, wakes up at 8:45, to report to college at 9, after consuming the 249th spray of her 250 sprays deodorant. Jokes apart, but that’s precisely how life at b-school has been for me, in the past 2 months.  Coming from a procrastinated lifestyle background, time management was quite a  task for me to get used to. So here’s a small attempt from my side on penning down my b-school experience in the past 2 months at NMIMS, Mumbai and how it’s made me a master at the art of time management, which I now proudly announce to be quite subtle.

Mumbai Darshan, my first proper encounter with the city of dreams, served as my foundation towards time management. Visiting almost 10 odd places, amidst the hustles and bustles of the metro life, in half a day was quite a task. However, flaunting our victory, post that heavy time management session, felt like Lisa Haydon walking the ramp for Sabyasachi. Post that day, I realised that time is something that you don’t really have in an MBA but time is something that you really need to manage in an MBA. Contradictory as it may sound, what I meant to say is, we all need to prioritise where to invest our time and how much to invest.  As the weeks progressed, I realised that mid terms were approaching. Multiple presentations, pre-reads and mid terms looked like one of the toughest sets I had ever encountered in my life.  I was down on motivation, which is when a little birdie appeared out of nowhere to remind me, what I was capable of and this little birdie was none other than my reflection in the mirror. I looked at my current self and tried to contemplate on what I was, before joining the b-school. I saw my current self, low on motivation, but at the same time booming with knowledge for each day at SBM, NMIMS, had exposed me to a hundred different perspectives. The pre-reads were not just another read, it served as a pathway to widening my perspective. Thereby, I decided to prioritise, making use of the same the twenty-four-hour clock that we all use and that I once thought wasn’t enough. I realised that it wasn’t important to be omnipresent; nor was there a necessity to take up everything that comes ones way. Instead of doing things that acted as a value addition to one’s personality and career, was the need of the hour.  So by now, I had almost graduated in time management but little did I know that I was on for masters as well and surprisingly it wasn’t the one that I was pursuing at NMIMS. Yes, time management was getting another feather added to its cap, with you know what? End terms.

As I pen down this post, somewhere in the back of my mind, I know I have two presentations, six examinations accompanied by gallons of anxiety, in store for me. But that doesn’t bog me down, nor does it make me budge an inch! You know why? For I have mastered at this subtle art called, time management.

Sumangal Kamath

Sumangal Kamath is a first year MBA student at SBM, NMIMS Mumbai. She completed her Bcom in Marketing and Human Resources, from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore. Prior to joining NMIMS, Sumangal worked as a Hedge Fund Analyst with Northern Trust. Post which, she gained some experience in content writing at Odigma (Infibeam). She describes herself as a vivacious, young soul who holds a strong penchant for singing, writing and binge watching Formula one.