Success Note Of Backwaters – The Annual Management Festival Of IIM Kozhikode

The recently concluded annual management fest of IIM Kozhikode was another testimony of its growing visibility and popularity. The flagship business fest witnessed immense participation from various technical and management colleges from across the country. The stiff competition and the valuable insights provided by distinguished academicians who judged the various events made this fest an event to remember and rejoice for all the participants. More than the monetary awards (which were quite handsome by the way), the learning from the esteemed judges and fellow participants were the major takeaways of the event.

Backwaters 2016 began with a number of management events like the Avatar, Shiksha and Bizzathlon on Day 1. The major highlights of Day 1 were the Model United Nations and the HULT competition. The MUN being hosted being hosted by the Economics and Politics Society interest group witnessed participation from many esteemed colleges from the southern part of the country and important topics like ‘Global Terrorism’ and ‘India’s Nuclear Strategy’ were discussed in the same. The HULT event invited students with innovative solutions to tackle the ‘Refugee Crisis’ issue.

Day 2 witnessed many on spot events where quick thinking and team play mattered the most. Many literary events such as ‘Just A Minute’ and ‘Spell Bee’ and also various quizzing events like the ‘Puzzathlon’ were conducted on that day. Day 3 saw events like ‘Avatar’ and ‘Shiksha’ being concluded and various other literary events like ‘Scrap It Up’, ‘Word Finder’ and ‘Flick The Link’ were also conducted on the same day. 

But if you think that Backwaters 2016 was about ‘All Work and No Fun’, then you can’t be more off the mark. The Kampus was host to the TVF team where Jeetu and Akanksha took the centre stage. The popular dialogues from Pitchers and ‘Tech Conversations’ made the audience go berserk. Vipul Goyal stole the show with his amazing comic performance which made the crowd go crazy with the dozes of laughter. The Kampus also hosted the Chennai Super Kings franchise and conducted the ‘Return of the Pride’ event.

And as all good things, Backwaters 2016 came to an end but with the promise of returning again next year in a better and bigger form. Finally, we on behalf of the entire IIM Kozhikode community would like to sincerely thank the Backwaters Committee for putting in Herculean efforts that made the event successful.