Summer At Disney – Anwesa’s Internship Experience – TISS Mumbai

On day 1 of your internship, you get a bagful of goodies. You get to meet your mentor who briefs you on the projects and reposes faith in you.

On day 2 of your internship, you click a groupie with Ranbir Kapoor.

On the first Friday of your internship, you get to watch ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ in office. Your HR facilitates the screening.

You get free passes for ‘The Jungle Book’ on your first weekend at the internship.

On week 3 of your internship, you attend the annual conference of your function/domain. You are treated like an employee.

You are a part of the annual induction program hosted by the organization. You learn about things you never knew before.

In the second month of the internship, you get an exclusive pass to ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Your birthday is celebrated in office, as a surprise party.

You meet the CEO many times during the two months of internship. And ask him questions about anything under the sun.

You contact employees from all over the global locations for inputs on your project.

You contact department heads of major companies to get an insight into their best practices.

Your colleagues give you all required information when you ask for it.

You go back in time and think about the best childhood memories during office hours.

You get to meet people who run a live entertainment show.

You get to see people to design and ideate television shows for all age groups.

You cannot escape the magic of movie making process.

You realize that you hang out with game designers.

Brilliant marketing ideas are brainstormed right in front of you.

At times, you are overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge that you gain each day.

Functional heads appreciate your work.

You find employees happy about their work – every single day.

You can watch television while working – when Barfi plays on TV and you recall memories associated with the movie.

You party with your co-interns like crazy. One of them always says “Mumbai ek dum sahi jagah hai yaar”.

In the last week of internship, you realize time just flew away. And you find you have changed. For the better.You get framed certificates of completion at the end of internship.

You know some major missing happens when you walk out of that Disney door.

Two months and a lifetime of magical moments.




About the Author:

Anwesa Nanda

Summer Intern – Disney India

MA in HRM&LR, TISS Mumbai 2015-17

Bibliophile. Chocoholic. Foodie. Trying to figure out things. The serious nerd variety interns at Disney India


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