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We know how summer internships are for you. You you’ve got it, why not flaunt it? We will run this LIVE blog for two months – while your internship is going on. Doing something interesting? Let others know! Had a bad day at work? Rant about it. Vent it out. Made some mistake and learnt from it? Stop others from making the same mistake? Know some cool hack to make the internship life easier? Don’t be selfish and share it with others! Want to be anonymous? We will ensure that as well.

The maximum words for this entries are 100. Email your day’s experience to Nidhi at and she will ensure that your experience helps others. We will run a single blog for two months which will be updated every day. You can send pictures/selfies from work as well!

Let’s get to Business now.


Entry 8:

11th May: Yash Sultania, IIM Indore PGP Mumbai, Summer Intern at Motilal Oswal Private Equity.

Yash says, “Looking at the tall, swanky buildings of Lower Parel – which is home to almost every business house of India, I entered my designated summer internship office with pride, only to go back home with a temporary ID card and wifi password that day. Wondering whether my colleagues would invest in me with the same enthusiasm as equities, the next few days were the beginning of a steep learning curve. After 1.5 months, I know I will miss this place, even if it is for the simple ‘Good Morning’ that the watchman wishes me every day with the same gleaming smile.”


Entry 7:

26th April: Rupali Patro, IIM Lucknow, Interning as a summer intern at TATA Steel.

Rupali writes, “Tuesday morning. Endless sips of coffee. Desperate attempts at keeping those body withdrawal symptoms at bay.

Amidst this series of monotonic events, I receive a call from my guide who’s away on business asking me to raise a travel request to the nearest ‘Grain Silo’ plant in the city. An instant appointment with the busiest head of the plant had been scheduled. This is my chance to glean an ample lot of valuable project-related  information. Tidying up, I pull myself together, chalking down this set of the questionnaire I long intended to ask upon. Once at the plan, I’m assisted by this very amicable Head of Operations of the plant who dispels an inside-out knowledge about the market extant, the suppliers, the manufacturers, the prospect of business and functioning of the plant in its entirety. In the end, I pat myself on the back for having accumulated a whole load of stuff to present before my mentor. I am told I’ll be embarking on more such trips outside the city in a bid to interrogate more such prudent people and grasp more discernible clarity upon the project at hand. The visit did make my day!”

Entry 6:

22nd April: Chiranth S, IIM Bangalore, Interning at Reliance Industries.

Chiranth says, 

“Today on the way back from the construction site to office, I had a small conversation with the driver of our Department’s vehicle.

Me (as an ice breaker): Toh aap kitne saal se kaam kar rahe hain idhar?
Him: 5-6 mahine ho gaye saab.
Me: Kaam accha lag raha hain?
Him: Nahin saab mujhe driver nahin ban na. Mujhe Veterinary doctor ban na hain.

Well, rest of the conversation I will type out in English, I have never been able to associate things with gender in Hindi and I don’t want to get hit for it 😛

Me: Oh okay. Then why are you working here?
Him: Because of the situation at home I had to take a break. I have finished Class XII and I will be taking up the course next year. Whenever I park the vehicle and wait for people I study (he showed me the books).

I picked up one of the books and noticed all commerce related stuff in it.

Me: Why are you studying commerce books?
Him: Sir I am doing B.Com External (read correspondence). Have completed two semester exams.
Me: But why?
Him: Sir I did not want to waste one year, so thought I will study alongside work. Veterinary Diploma ke saath B.Com bhi padh lunga. Baahar sab se Graduate kahunga toh maa baap aur log khush ho jaayenge aur mein pashu ke doctor bhi ban jaaunga.

A lot of memories came rushing in. I realized that a smile existed on my face throughout the convo and I knew it would take some time for it to fade away 🙂

Such small stories are what make India, India. We are fighters and we will fight till we get there!”


Entry 5:

20th April: Dhruv Dhingra, IMT Ghaziabad, Interning as a sales and marketing intern at Bharti Infratel Limited.

Dhruv Says, “Desk No-9318


Strange, isn’t it? The human tendency of getting attached to lifeless things. I am unsure if this fits the bill for describing ‘internship experiences’, but, as my thoughts guided me towards the ‘shareable’ part of my ongoing internship, I wondered what could be the most pertinent part? The mentors? The coffee breaks with fellow interns? The wondrous weekends?

Well, what about the workstation with which we, interns, spent the maximum time? And, where, we’ll study, analyse and interpret plethora of reports? A place not just for putting down our stuff, but for being ourselves, a space solely for us, comforting akin to your room at home. Isn’t it special?

And, hopefully, years later, we’ll  see an old picture, and comment- ‘this was the place where it all began, the desk, working where I got the career-defining PPO…’ ”


Entry 4:

19th April : Rupali Patro, IIM Lucknow, Interning as a summer intern at TATA Steel.

Rupali says, “Two fluky weeks working with Tata Steel as a summer intern and I already feel partially (if not thoroughly) acclimatised with the ways of the colossal Indian Multinational. One fine Wednesday morning, I walk my way to the office harbouring a million thoughts in my head, wondering if this day should also turn out to be like all the others and if it shall be any more fruitful than the rest.


By now, I’ve pored over an innumerable bunch of research papers, a whole passel of resourceful articles from a plethora of websites, glimpsed at a significant lot of videos on Youtube, scouring the Internet for dear ‘data’. Thus, every attempt at comprehending the project at hand was made. Reporting to my mentor at the end of the day, while some of the deliverables were dubious and vague, others were met with absolute appreciation. Another set of reports are handed to me for quick perusal and I leave the office content with the day’s upshot.”


Entry 3:

17th April : Snigdha Kakkar, XLRI Jamshedpur, Interning as an HR Intern at ITC Personal Care Division, Kolkotta – Her Dream Company.

Snigdha says –

Each day at Personal Care Division of ITC began with the soothing fragrance of the famous 5th-floor Fragrance Hall. Initially, it took me a while to figure out what my project really was. I slept the first few nights in anxiety, wondering what am I supposed to deliver exactly. But, then a team member gave me a worthy advice – ” There is no harm in asking questions. Don’t worry what they will think as no questions are foolish, though the answers might be!!”
While trying to figure out my deliverables, I came across a very important fact that One should not just jump into the execution of the project from day 1. It is very important to know what led to that Problem statement. The question should not be what are we supposed to deliver but why are we supposed to deliver this; what is the latent business need behind it.


Entry 2: 

17th April: Shubham Shah, IIM Kashipur, Internship in Export Marketing at Reliance Industries Limited. 

Shubham says, “My first day in the most respected industry from 4 decades is beyond my expectation.  It was a mix of excitement, curiosity and anxiety.

The day started with our visit to the Head Office with our HR, then we head for the plant visit and I was mesmerised to see the processes from spinning the thread to weaving and processing the fabric.

Then we had a lunch with the leadership team, there I got a very important lesson from my mentor – ‘Internship is the opportunity to learn and it is very important to have the understanding of not only about your department but overall and also we here follow open door policy so you can come to my cabin any time of the day.

My first-day experience was a different one from my first job and it was totally different from my first day of college and I will be cherished this for life.”


Entry 1:

12th April: Snigdha Kakkar, XLRI Jamshedpur, Interning as an HR Intern at ITC Personal Care Division, Kolkotta – Her Dream Company.

Snigdha says, “My first day was more than the term interesting. It was a mix of curiosity, excitement, anxiety and expectations. The day started pretty early with our visit to the Head Office which our HR. All fragrance and glamorous as we expected. Reviews from my friends of their day 1 had already made me anxious in addition to the complexity of projects. But, the serene atmosphere of Kolkata combined with the sweetness of people of my new team and the interns who join with me made my day memorable.
I got a very important lesson that very day from my team – ‘You should not strive for a PPO, of course, it is important but you should strive for delivering a project which stands the tide of time as you will be known through that project.’
Another important insight was – ‘Your guides and mentors might not be able to give you time in some instances or might get angry but they do not have anything negative for you, it is just time crunch which you and he both are facing. So, always be patient!’

Thus, my first-day experience was a different one from college and all the more interesting which revived me from all my anxieties.”



In case you missed the first day of the internship, here are some shots!

Summer is here and so are the internships!

3rd April – Today was the first day of Internships at some of the most coveted companies in India – ABG, Reliance, and ITC. Our crew was at all these places covering some of the best things that these companies have to offer. And we have a sneak peak before the whole story comes out. Take a look!

5:30 pm – At ABG – Shoot Mode ON!

Image uploaded from iOS (9)

Oh and there’s some CAKE too at Reliance!


4:20 pm – And the session at ABG comes to an end…

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-03 at 4.18.10 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-03 at 4.35.56 PM

Meanwhile at Reliance.. An interesting session by Mr. Sunil Dutt

Image uploaded from iOS (6)

Woo and look at THAT!

Image uploaded from iOS (7)

And the wall of FAME

Image uploaded from iOS (8)

3 pm – Oh and Look at what ITC Interns are upto..

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-03 at 1.42.02 PM

An afternoon of delectable chocolate-making about to begin at ITC’s latest venture – Exquisite chocolates from Fabelle.

11:30 am – Shooting with an ABG Intern – A Delhi Girl in Mumbai

Image uploaded from iOS (4)

Image uploaded from iOS (5)

Meanwhile at Reliance…

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-03 at 12.53.40 PM

And an Interesting Acronym at ABG caught our eye.. Have a look and tell us what you think it means in the comments below. (Hint: it’s not what you think)

Image uploaded from iOS (1)

Let’s look at where ITC Interns are spending the day today! It’s mesmerising. 

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-03 at 11.37.27 AM

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-03 at 11.37.56 AM

What is common between the Dalai Lama, the PM of New Zealand and Enrique Iglesias? They have all stayed at the Presidential Suite of ITC Windsor Bangalore. And that’s where the ITC Interns are spending the day!

10 am – Induction Session at ABG begins

Image uploaded from iOS

10 am – Our Second Crew waiting for ITC Interns at the Bangalore Airport

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10 am – While our third crew covers Reliance

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