Summer Internship Experience at Altimetrik(I) Private Limited

Internships often act as a foot in the door of employment market. The MBA internship is no different. Most of the MBA students will vouch for the fact that summer internship plays a significant role in their journey to the corporate world.

As I sit down to write my summer internship experience myriad of memories flash across my mind. I interned at Altimetrik (I) Private Limited, an IT consulting firm at Bangalore.

Company Culture 

As an HR student, I know how culture can affect the overall efficiency of the organization. The culture at Altimetrik was infectious. The way everyone interacted with each other was great to watch. The motto was to collaborate and cooperate to succeed. I was particularly impressed by the interdepartmental camaraderie at Altimetrik.


I had the privilege to work with PERI (People Experience Research and Innovation) team at Atimetrik. My team asked me to work on various projects starting from candidate onboarding to content marketing for recruitment. My major project was to assess the impact of emotional intelligence on employee engagement at Altimetrik. Sitting with my manager I figured out what kind of questionnaire and statistical tool should be used to carry out this project. With the help of my immediate manager, I was able to complete my major project in time and my recommendations were applauded by everyone. Apart from this, I also developed basic training module on interpersonal skills, conflict management and stress management for internal training at Altimetrik. Although, I did some work in Learning and Development, my major work was in the field of Organizational Development.

As I interacted with my co-interns in other companies, I realized that in summer internship either you have to submit deliverables for every day/every week  or you have to keep working until some final analysis or conclusion was reached. My work at Altimetrik was a combination of both. But thanks to my fabulous guide and team, I was able to finish a wide range of projects without any hiccups.

Final Word

When I started my internship, I thought the internship will be mostly about one project but it turned out to be a completely different experience. I loved the way my company treated and trusted me to carry out a wide range of projects.

Enthralling, Engaging and Enriching, my summer internship was definitely an experience I will cherish throughout my life.


Vishwas Vats

MHRM, IIT Kharagpur