Summer Internship Experience at Nomura Securities (MHRM, IIT Khargpur)


Candidate Name – Aashish Kumar(MHRM, IIT Kharagpur)

1. What was role offered to you during summer internship at Nomura?

I was offered the role of an HRA (Human Resource Advisory) intern in the Finance division of the firm.  Similarly, there were HRA teams for other divisions as well such as IT, Operations etc.


 2. What was the project assigned to you during your internship?

My summer internship project focused on Training and Development function of HR.

  • I was responsible for studying the impact of Powai Finance ‘ACE’ (Associate Career Enhancement) leadership   program on participants.
  • Also, it included benchmarking of ‘ACE’ with similar programs for middle management across divisions within Powai as well as across industries.
  • And formulation of recommendations to be adopted by ‘Nomura’ Finance Powai.


3. How is the work culture of Nomura? How did it influence you in your work?

Well, the work culture of Nomura truly resembles the Japanese culture inherently. It can be observed from the moment you step into the office & interact with the employees. Soft spoken yet assertive people always willing to help, an amicable environment with sumptuous food, & an inherent value for one’s time keeps you high on the learning curve & motivated to succeed.

In an era of dynamism, culture plays a very vital role in nurturing & assisting the learning curve of an employee. This is where Nomura keeps its employees ahead in the race. From high frequency travelling facilities at almost any time of the day to subsidized cafeterias, Career growth/ change opportunities to leadership interventions, &High employee recruitment standards to employee satisfaction & motivation were all an essence of Nomura’s culture.

It helped me overcome my day to day work challenges and gain insights from some of the best minds in the industry.

4. What was your best experience at Nomura?

My best experience was certainly at the first day of my internship. I went with an open mind and was expecting pretty much nothing out of curiosity. And I was literally awestruck the moment I entered the office.
The way they treated their interns was no less than a regular employee. A beautiful induction program to kick offalong with served breakfast & coffee were just icing on the cake, followed by the infra-facility tour, & last but not least getting to know some talented like-minded individuals to beginthis splendid experience.

5. What advice you want to give to your juniors who are willing to work in same domain?

I would simply advise juniors to be very thorough with the basics of the domain, seek the cultural fit, have an open mind and just go for it!

* This interview was taken by Media Cell of MHRM, IIT Kharagpur