Summer Internship Interview Experience At Axis Bank – Niteen Bali From IIM Calcutta

Axis bank was my fourth shortlist, but my second interview. The GD was based on payment banks and was a cordial one. It was co-ordinated well. Moreover, you could see pairs of keen watchful eyes studying even your body movements. It was as though their gaze was piercing through the skin. I followed the basic norms of GD. Jotting down points, asking question for the group to take lead on, coherent answers backed by relevant examples. Not surprisingly, I was called in for the next round–interview.

I had not extensively prepared ‘fin concepts’ but used to read Business Standard and Mint everyday. Also a few blogs such as InsideIIM. I made the same clear at the beginning itself. The panelists smiled and said that they don’t expect us to know much except few intricacies of banking and economy and a good analytical skill is all they were looking at and they needn’t worry about that having come to IIM Calcutta.  A smooth start.

Having expressed my interest in economics and marketing, they grilled me on the same. Questions about GST bill, Bankruptcy Bill, Euro crisis. After I mentioned I write a blog, they asked a bit about it.

I do not remember the exact flow of the interview, but I recall at some point of time, we were talking of “Brand Mallya” and organizations were judged a lot based on their ‘face-personalities’. I also vaguely remember talking how we 90s kids were one of the most advantaged, since we got to see both sides of India while growing up. We were having candid discussion about the difference between present gen kids and that of the past. I guess, they were testing my personality and ability to put my thoughts in a coherent and structured way – which is very much essential in banking.

Axis bank gave us the luxury of choosing the department we intended to intern. They wanted us to do things that interest us. But they also encouraged us to explore beyond our comfort zones and experiment. The interview was consistent with this philosophy. I was mostly asked about subjects that intrigued me. Confidence along with humbleness goes a long way in creating good impressions.


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I am a graduate of NIT Karnataka, Surathkal; currently studying at IIM Calcutta. I believe in the concept of sonder and onism; hence have a penchant for movies, novels which give a refreshing perspective of society and our colossal history. Economics and Football are other things that excite me. I am constantly in a love-hate relationship with sleep. I have an itchy brain but lazy feet, well except while playing football. Basically, just another ‘brick in the wall’ trying to increase gross national happiness index. My bluetooth name and wi-fi password is Invisible Hand.

Niteen Bali

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