Summer Placements 2011-13 : FMS Delhi

As far as summer internship opportunities go, Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi is the place to be. Not only are there opportunities across different functions and sectors but also the relatively smaller batch size increases one’s chances of being in some of the top companies in India and the world. FMS Delhi has had a terrific season and there are brilliant opportunities in every domain.

Banking & Finance at FMS Delhi is extremely strong. There are several investment banking and equity/debt market roles in addition to a legacy Corporate banking base. We also see the presence of niche PE firms. All this gives FMS Delhi students an added edge as compared to finance hopefuls from many other campuses across India. Finance roles offered at FMS are offered in select institutions in the country and some of them are exclusively offered at FMS.

Presence of Accenture, Deloitte (S&O) and the niche consulting firm Corporate Executive Board ensures a very impressive consulting line-up at FMS Delhi. TAS has of course been a legacy recruiter.

FMCG & Marketing summer internship opportunities at FMS Delhi are a dream. They are as good as any campus in India and provide plenty of scope and diversity. Think of any marquee name and they seem to be waiting to recruit from FMS Delhi. Fantastic line-up!

What caught our eye was the willingness of top advertising agencies to offer internships at FMS Delhi. It a known fact that a lot of advertising agencies over the last few years have shied away from recruiting at top business schools in India. All the roles below sound quite interesting but Kings XI Punjab has to be highlighted!

There are other domains/sectors for which demand is usually lower relative to Finance,Consulting or Marketing. looks at summer internship opportunities in some of those sectors at FMS Delhi below:


FMS Delhi says while Olam International has stated a confirmed international stint there are many more stints expected as soon as offer letters arrive. Historically, there have been several international stints each year at FMS Delhi

Readers must note that in addition to the above there could be more international stints. Companies do not always have confirmed projects and roles as early as October-November for an internship in April-May next year. For e.g. HUL is known to give interns a stint in other countries in Asia-Pacific region.

There are other parameters we have identified which should help everyone get a complete picture. We have stated them here below:

Team wishes to thank FMS Delhi placement committee for sharing information and confirming the role classification done by us as per the above format. All the role-wise splits and top company mappings were run through the placement committee of FMS Delhi before this story was published. The commentary around every statistic is strictly by people at and the FMS Delhi placement committee has not played any role in it.

We congratulate FMS Delhi on providing its students excellent opportunities for summer internships. There are lacs of students looking forward to get an admit to FMS Delhi. With its extra-ordinarily low tuition fees the return on investment for your education at FMS Delhi is the best in the world!

This is the third in a series of reports that will bring to you. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers.

Readers should bear in mind that summer placement reports will be starkly different from Final placement reports. A lot of companies only recruit for summers and not finals and vice-versa. Also, decisions taken by students in terms of which companies to apply to and which offers to accept are very different after spending 18 months in an institution vis-a-vis the ones taken after just 3-4 months as is the case with summer internships. In a few institutes there is no choice after applying to a company i.e. you have to accept the first offer received from any of the companies you have applied to. This happens especially during summers. And in times like these where batch sizes are over 350 in most places, students are insecure and apply to every company that comes and are left with an offer in hand which they didn’t really want.  All the data needs to be kept in context of this reality.


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Wow! FMS seems to have very good finance companies as well….I never knew FMS had such good summer placements