Summer Placements 2011-13 : IIM Bangalore

There is a reason why one of the authors on this website somewhere mentioned that in India, it’s still IIM ABC and the rest. Especially, when it comes to placements. Talks of a slowdown seem difficult to believe if one just glances through the kind of companies and the roles offered at IIM Bangalore for internships in the summer of 2012.

IIM Bangalore concluded its summer placements and they are nothing short of spectacular. About 85 students or 25% of the batch will intern abroad. The offers are across domains, functions and sectors. In short, students are spoilt for choice.

Banking &Finance and Consulting & General Management – The kind of companies ,the number of companies, and the kind of roles in these two categories are the parameters that should tell you the gulf between IIM Bangalore and other top business schools in india. Only IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta and to a small extent ISB Hyderabad are in the same league.

Apart from the glamorous Wall Street names like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley etc. there is big list of Private Equity firms providing access to some of the select opportunities in the country today. 18% or over 60 students will be interning in front-end investment banking/Markets roles. This may be a number that is more than similar profiles offered at  3-4 other top institutions put together. 5 % will be interning in Private Equity/VC firms which is again a very impressive number given how few those roles are in supply.

As far as Consulting goes, every marquee name one can think of wants to recruit from IIM Bangalore in huge numbers. General Management roles are some of the best on offer in India. What also caught our eye was the Executive Assistant to the CEO role offered at SAP and Narayana Hrudalaya.

Plenty of opportunities in the FMCG space and exciting roles in Consumer Products, Technology, Marketing and other roles make sure many domains and other sectors of the economy are touched. Dentsu and Rediffusion are very impressive Media names.

We will let the data do rest of the talking but first a few positive comments by alumni of IIM Bangalore who are in the industry (They have requested not to be quoted) :

1. Massive choice of companies – 123 companies to choose from will ensure there is space for specialized work opportunities

2. A 1 out of 4 chance at international placements  – this coupled with the exchange program would probably mean half the batch going abroad atleast once

3. A good access to new-economy companies like Flipkart and Yatra on one end and a deep line up of investment banks and PE on the other, again make sure that there are choices available at both ends of the spectrum

4. In conclusion, the summers at IIM Bangalore seem to provide a large range of choices for students – the increase in batch sizes that happened a few years ago has only led to an increase in good companies and broadened the choices.

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Finance break -up : Investment Banks (includes Markets roles) 18%, Private Equity 5% and Corporate/Private/Consumer Banking 10%

Team wishes to thank IIM Bangalore Career Development Services and the placement committee representatives  for sharing  the role wise classification  as per the above format. All the role-wise splits and top company mappings were run through the Chairperson of Career Development Services of IIM B before this story was published. The commentary around every statistic is strictly by people at and the IIM B placement committee has not played any role in it.

This is the fifth  in a series of reports that will bring to you. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers.

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If the data is available, it would be great if some information regarding the profiles (pre-mba work ex /background ) of the students who have bagged roles in PE & VC is shared. Obviously, without undermining the students identity. 5% is a decent number and though a myriad of factors play a role during placements, any noticeable similarity? For eg -among other things, solid industry/domain specific work-ex which which was in line with the specific firms requirement.


For making it to top PE's like BS or ChrysCap, you need to be among the best in the batch. Students who make it to such firms are primarily from top IITs, LSR, SRCC, St. Stephens, BITS(P) and the likes with excellent academic performance. Moreover, in most cases, these guys have core I-Banking, Consulting or Manufacturing Work Exp. I hope it answers your query.


I guess Arun is an aspiring MBA student showing off his vocab skills rather than asking doubts! Its rather the thumb rule that the best will get the best offers & the rest will rest during the summers!

I hope it ends your query! 😛



I was talking only about Day Zero, which you were mentioning about. Only front end roles were offered on Day Zero atleast at IIMB this year. The GS-Global Investment team division visited on the subsequent day. For I-Banking, only Day Zero roles have been mentioned. Besides, Deutsche Bank has not offered any Corporate Banking roles either. Feel free to raise any questions.


My friends tell a different story. Anyways, since you are a placecomm member, no point discussing. Bye


Why trust people who are as clueless as you as far as process in B is concerned? Talk to any bonafide IIMB student and you will get the true picture. I presume you are not from B. FYI there are several firms which visit IIMB campus on two different days. HSBC, Standard Chartered, Citi visit campus on Day Zero (Calendar Day 1) and offer front end roles in IBD and Markets. The same firms visit campus on the process calendar day 2 and offer roles in Corporate banking, Consumer Banking, Risk Management etc. Feel free to ask any further questions.


By when can we expect IIMA's placement report? Given the fact that you (insideiim) claim that you will not delay reports and will publish unverified report if you do not get appropriate verification from the institute.

Team InsideIIM

@wonderkid – Prof. Saral Mukherjee has asked us to wait for the CRISIL audited report. He says a lot of information will be revealed in that. And if that report does not have it we shall engage with them. But we think its fair for us to wait for the audited report. It's the only institute along with SPJIMR amongst the ones that we cover which has even attempted a professional audit.

Team InsideIIM

Prof.Saral Mukherjee said that they didnt have the bandwidth to currently share the data in the format we had requested. He said we could pick up data from the CRISIL audited Summers report which was not really of much help for the format we require it in. We are still debating how to go about the IIM A summers report internally. They haven't released too much data for us to be able to publish even an unverified report like we did for XLRI,IIM-I and JBIMS.

Meanwhile, we have also been invited to send a representative at the next IPRS conference with our format for debate. Hopefully, assuming one of us can go , we'll be able to make our case more solid on that forum.


Front End Investment banking roles can be broadly classified into two categories viz. IBD and Markets… Most banks offer roles in both the categories… IBD roles typically entail corporate advisory functions such as M & A, IPO. Markets roles include Sales & Trading, Structuring, Equities etc….