Summer Placements 2011-13 : IIM Indore

It is an unverified report. Despite repeated emails, phone calls and text messages we were not successful in convincing IIM Indore placement office. IIM Indore is the first IIM featured on this website unwilling to share information in the InsideIIM format. So it is XLRI Jamshedpur, JBIMS Mumbai and IIM Indore who have refused to tell us specific profiles offered by different companies during summer placements. On the positive part, its the only IIM to release an average stipend figure this summer placement season.

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We strongly believe at InsideIIM that any public institution that expects students to pay over Rs. 1 million for a 2 year MBA course must be willing to be transparent about job and internship opportunities.

As usual, we have interpreted data based on the partial data sent to us by the IIM Indore placement committee and from data released in the public domain.

Some of the highlights of the report:

  •  450 students were placed and the average stipend remained over Rs.50,000 with 7 students getting stipends over Rs.1.5 lakhs and top 50 students will get an average stipend of Rs.115,000. You can find a stipend distribution graph that IIM Indore shared with here – (Stipend Distribution)
  • IIM Indore has tried to explore new sectors and companies rather than chasing the conventional names and job opportunities.
  • Having said that, there are big names too like Bank of America Merrill Lynch (recruited exclusively at IIM Indore for its Global Treasury Services division), Accenture Consulting,Goldman Sachs Asset Management,Deutsche Bank, Amazon, Hindustan UniLever, Procter & Gamble
  • TATA Administrative Services adding IIM Indore to its list again signalling the fast maturity of a campus that is not even 15 years old
  • Good variety of roles with opportunities in Media, Advertising, Pharma, Waste Management etc
We wonder looking at some of the names what prompted IIM Indore to not share their achievements with us and the business school community at large. Given below is an unverified report and there could be a lot of discrepancy in the data.

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(This article was edited on 16th December keeping in mind sentiments of a few stakeholders.)

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No surprises here! Not in the internship options …not in the fact IIM Indore has not given information. I'm surprised XLRI also did not share information. I thought XL was more forthcoming…


General Management roles seem quite impressive. But what happened to BCG? I thought BCG has started visiting IIM Indore….Correct me please if I'm wrong

Team InsideIIM

To the best of our knowledge BCG has added IIM Indore and XLRI Jamshedpur as a finals campuses. We will have to wait to see whether they recruit again from IIM Indore and XLRI Jamshedpur like the 2011 finals season.


Media reporting is not about scooping out privilege information. This site is trying to be wikileaks or something. Very badly reported article. I am sure no institute would like to share information on such a portal. XLRI and IIM Indore definitely had enough reason to not share and who are we to judge.

Team InsideIIM

Dear neutralreader,

We appreciate your views. However, do note that at least IIM Indore is a public institution. Information about profiles offered by companies cannot be privileged information. In any case, IIM BCLK and FMS Delhi didn't have an issue sharing 'privileged' information. They were extremely proud of their achievements and were only happy to share information. IIM A is getting its report audited by an external agency of CRISIL's reputation.

We have 'Thank you' mails since we started doing reports on placements across top campuses and no one has ever accused us of trying to scoop 'privileged' information. We can send you a copy of these mails if you would give us a genuine email id and not hide behind a fake id. Also do point out what is badly reported in the above article. We are neither distorting facts nor doing anything illegal.


So much justification as if your credibility is at stake ! And I wonder how many people you share confidential emails with just to prove your point.
Rather than giving out imp info, first two paras dont even talk about summer placements. Such comparison between institutes is in bad taste.

Kranti A

You guys are doing a great job. Don't even react to these stray comments. I would encourage readers to look at content other than placements also that this website has come up with. Especially, social sensitivity and utsaha and things…. It is this obsession with placements that leads to pointless discussions

IIM Indore student

Wish they could have given the info…its a good job the placomm did…unnecessarily people will feel now that they have something to hide…disappointing

IIM I Participant

Some people are not able to appreciate intricacies in the system and it is quite pathetic to see an alum portray the protocols in their alma matter in such negative tones. Last years exceptional placements and this years summers are largely attributed to the system in place. As a participant on campus I would appreciate the team at insideIIM to take cognizance of the same rather than disparaging the placement team at IIM Indore.


Why are intricacies in the system of IIM Indore so different from those at IIM BCLK FMS Delhi?

Former IIM student

Dear IIM I Participant,

Keeping a thesaurus next to you while writing this comment was a brilliant idea. Such powerful language always impresses people.

Vikrant Rana

Student's angst against the article is understandable but frankly, the article is never disparaging. Without giving any opinions, the writer is just quoting the facts to the best of his/her knowledge.
On the other hand, the steep increase in the MBA seats across the country, without a proportional increment in the opportunities, is coming back to bite the b-schools. Placing 450 students in the current environment is no mean feat, and this report depicts the same.
If you are an average (your real standing after your admission in a b-school) and are not in a top-5 b-schools, its going to be difficult for you, period.

Planet-I Citizen

There was no need to blow the fact that placement team didn't co-operate to give information. No offense, but even if they are public institutions, they have the right to not share information to any third party portals, like yours.

I'm a current first year student, and I feel the placement team did a superb performance of placing a batch of 452 given the age of IIM Indore. They could have easily forced students to sit for companies they didn't want or sign out, but till the end, they painstakingly made sure that all students got into companies they preferred from the available set of options.


Comments section here is super entertaining. On the IIM C post, atleast thoda discussion was going on between IIM B and IIM C placommers. Here, IIM Indore placommers seem to be fighting supposedly against their own alum 😛 I was under the impression this site was run by people from all schools….

I think the IIM I guys have shot themselves in the foot…dont think it was very thoughtful to not share data when IIM BCLK had already done it. Next, they come here and defend the not sharing of data rather than just plain ignoring the post like XL and JB guys did. I think there was just one XLer commenting.

Must say, All this is helping the website become even more popular. Controversy works man!

Forsythe P. Jones


In the introductory part of the report it was mentioned that Amazon visited Planet-I, however I can't seem to find it anywhere in the breakup provided. Is it because you were unsure for which role they recruited or have I been remiss?

Also, I would request you not to edit an article once it has been published regardless of the fragile sensibilities of any stakeholder. For a government institute like Indore, or for any institute for that matter, the views will be subjective and diverse and as long as nothing fabricated or mala fide is published, they should be able to stomach it.

Team InsideIIM

Amazon is the first name in the final table in this article – It is under the consumer products,Technology,Telecom & other Marketing Strategy roles

Forsythe P. Jones

Thanks for pointing that out. Missed seeing that.

Quite a decent line-up of companies there, however marketing could surely use some boost.


…….We strongly believe at InsideIIM that any public institution that expects students to pay over Rs. 1 million for a 2 year MBA course must be willing to be transparent about job and internship opportunities…….excerpt from this article

Comment by Team insideiim in IIMC summers report-…….Stipends are not so relevant as summer internships are technically an academic requirement and in an ideal setting should be used for learning as much as one can. ….
Why such double standards.. just because you are overwhelmed by Halo of IIMC…

PS.. not a IIM I guy, but from Bhopal

Team InsideIIM

Both the Comments are absolutely consistent with what we have held, we want to know job profile opportunities during summer placements and not how much money a student makes for 2 months. If you can share that information, great.

It is not difficult to guess the stipends once one knows the profiles anyway.

As far as the Halo is concerned, do note that 3 writers on this website hail from IIM Indore, including the founder.


Prima facie it didn't look so, however I will take your words. I still believe reporting should be restricted to "REPORTING"…. and views and judgments should be left for JUNTA to make

2012-14 at IIM I

2012 season has begun on a disastrous note here at IIM Indore. I am a 1st yr student and 4 top companies are not recruiting this from IIM Indore for Summer Placements. In all cases its the placomm which seems to have goofed up. TAS gave a pre-placement talk, we all filled TAS forms – and were later told they are not coming. Accenture is not visiting. Standard Chartered is not visiting. Bank of America Merrill Lynch is not visiting. Finance is very poor this year.