Summer Placements 2011-13 : JBIMS Mumbai

Unlike, IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode and FMS Delhi (click to see report) we could not convince JBIMS Mumbai to give us the placement information in the same format. While there are some impressive names there due to the rich legacy of JBIMS Mumbai, the report released by the placement committee makes it impossible to know which company recruited for which profiles. While ones like Accenture Business Consulting are very clear, for most others readers will have to use their own imagination to figure out.

For e.g. For the BFSI sector, the report says varied profiles such as Consumer Banking, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Risk Management and Treasury were offered but does not say which company offered what role.

As we did with the summer placement report of XLRI Jamshedpur we will not give any comments. However, with JBIMS Mumbai we have found it impossible to even give our interpretation in our own format. You can find below the information that can be best used by readers. Unfortunately, you’ll have to play the guessing game when it comes to exact profiles.

Highest Domestic Stipend was Rs. 2 lakhs

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I have always been perplexed w.r.t JB. Some say its just a bit lower when compared to A,B,C,L,XL while some say it in the A grade not the A++ or A+ grade.
The placement report too seems to include names like Mck,Oliver Wyman and boasts of some foreign placement. But how far is this true?
And why dont the guys who have graduated from such not-disclosing colleges come forward and clear the myths or the doubts.
It is time to clear the air especially when the JMET and FMS has been cancelled.
People might get tempted to join if they get low scores in CAT and they would not have any option too.
Guys please help to clear the confusion.

Ankit Doshi

Mckinsey and Oliver Wyman did actually recruit during finals. JBIMS students have a good record of getting through during the Batch day (shortlisted guys from IIM I,K,SPJIMR,XLRI,FMS,JBIMS compete for 1-2 places during Mckinsey batch day.) JBIMS has a very rich legacy as it is one of the oldest business schools in India and during a time when Bombay was the only place where business happened in India and so a lot of people from JBIMS joined very good companies in Bombay immediately. Once upon a time it didn't even have reservations. Things have changed rapidly over the last 2 decades but JBIMS alumni ensure they still have very good placements.

My personal opinion though is that as far as summer placements for class of 2011-13 go top 5 campuses have been IIM ABCL and FMS Delhi. And if one observes carefully the reports of XLRI and IIM K, there is not a huge gap between the two. In fact in a few sectors IIM K may have done better. But this is my personal opinion.


I would rate as follows

IIM A B C L FMS XLRI JBIMS IIM K SP Jain MDI IIM I and the rest….after looking at the final placements…


Aren't Accenture's Business & Management Consulting divisions different? If not, can you spell out the difference in the kind of work each does & the campuses they visit?


Accenture Business Consulting was renamed as Accenture Management Consulting a couple of years ago. And last year, AMC visited A,B,C,XL and FMS for summer internship. This time they added L and JBIMS as well to their list of campuses. It is a Day Zero firm at all campuses except B and C where they visit on second day of the process.

IIM Indore student

Though IIM I's report hasn't been published yet, Accenture Business Consulting also recruited from IIM Indore for summer placements and is guaranteed to recruit during finals too..


That is good news 🙂 There could be a couple of more campuses too in addition to the list I mentioned above…..


why hasen't INSIDEiim come up with final placements of JBIMS , wen its published on there site long ago ?