Summer Placements 2011-13 – XLRI Jamshedpur

Unfortunately, we need to start this report with a very basic disclaimer : The below data has not been verified by XLRI Jamshedpur’s Placement Committee. Despite, repeated emails and a few calls there was no response. Hence, there could be a lot of discrepancy in the data but we have tried our best.

Unlike IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode and FMS Delhi (Click to open), we did not find the same support or willingness to share from XLRI Jamshedpur. Hence, the report below is InsideIIM’s interpretation of the report published on XLRI’s Jamshedpur’s website based on the experience of people at InsideIIM who are themselves from good business schools of India.

We will not make comments on every domain or sector like the previous reports as that would be unsubstantiated and may even sound speculative in some cases. Just a few general comments and then we let you figure out the rest based on data as we see it.

1) As usual, XLRI Jamshedpur’s summer placements have been extremely good this year too. Any aspirant should consider himself/herself lucky to get an admit from XLRI Jamshedpur because of placements too among other things that go into making XLRI Jamshedpur a great business school.

2) Readers must know that the batch 240 comprises of 120 – Business Management and 120 – Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. The report published is for both together. Now, the exact nature of the placements is unclear because no split is available. Traditionally, the PMIR branch (arguably India’s best HR management programme) has tended to do better than BM during placements according to experts at InsideIIM (some of whom are pass outs from XLRI Jamshedpur). But with no split available, the reader’s must keep this context in mind.

3) There are many other questions – For e.g. If I get admission in PMIR (quant cutoffs have always been lower for PMIR) am I allowed to sit for all BM companies as well and vice-versa? Hopefully, the institution will shed more light on issues like these in the overall spirit of all institutions moving towards more transparency. For example, IIM A very clearly distinguishes placements for its flagship PGP programme and that of the PGP – Agri-Business Management (ABM). In fact there are different placement committees as well.

4) There are bound to be some great Corporate HR roles given the XLRI PMIR programme but no details have been shared.




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Not surprised XLRI does not want to be transparent. A look at the report is enough when compared with its peers. InsideIIM's initiative is actually exposing every institute's insecurities.

Team InsideIIM

@xyz – IIM Indore , IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta reports are not ready yet. IIM Indore hasn't even announced completion of their summer placements in the media. But based on our communication with all the institutes, by december first week all reports will be published except for SPJIMR as they do not have a concept of Summer Placements.


Any plans of extending the list of institutes you cover to include NITIE, MDI, IIFT, SJMSoM. At the risk of evoking a debate, the institutes I mention aren't significantly lower than say a JBIMS.

Team InsideIIM

We absolutely agree with you. We believe different business schools have their own specialties that differentiate them from the other. We have started with this list of 10. It is not because one is better than the other. It is more to do with our understanding of these institutions. We will definitely be expanding our list soon. But we will not be able to publish information without being 100% sure that we are being able to paint an accurate picture. Hence, it may take some time. But it will happen.


XLRI has a policy of not providing separate reports for BM/HR branches, that's a clear instruction from college and it's been followed by placecomm for many years, so unless their is a policy change conveyed to placecomm members from higher authority, they can't give details on their own. Btw this report gives about 90% correct picture of actual profile distribution.

Secondarily about Sitting of HR guys in BM companies & vice-versa,
I don't quite get the question, because there is no such thing as BM/HR company, but different companies offer BM/HR roles( ex. FMCG firms like HUL offer respective roles to BM and HR guys)
obviously I-bank/equity companies will not offer HR roles.
As far as general management companies ( ex. TAS ), they made no distinction between HR/BM candidate, while giving shortlists.
Avg. package distribution is more or less equal for bot BM & HR ( with a few outliers )


Carlyle Group recruiting from XLRI? Wah bhai wah. In the US they stick to Harvard/Wharton/Stanford. I wonder whether the position was for an investment position or for something else.


yes carlyle group did hired from XLRI, the guy is posted in Mumbai i guess for analyst role, you can check on linkedin


XL is the best HR School in the country????? M a Mumbaikar and I believed it was TISS as the best HR School in the country. M a TISS aspirant and also humbly request you to please put its placement report for me to get a clear idea?? From what I have heard it is equally good!