Summer Placements : FMS Delhi – Class of 2012-14

Given the various emails and comments after our last post on the IIM Lucknow Summer Placements, we have decided not to give any team opinion on any placement report we publish. This has been decided to ensure we come across as neutral and are not influencing the reader. The facts should allow the reader to make his/her own conclusions.

Henceforth, Team InsideIIM will not make any opening comments on the placements of any institute we feature.

Summer Placement Report – FMS Delhi for the Class of 2013 can be found here

Please find the FMS Delhi – Summer Placement Report.


– Despite uncertain economic conditions especially in the finance sector, FMS was able to place 1/3rd of its students across profiles in the Finance domain

– Legacy recruiters like TAS, HUL, P&G, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, ITC etc. reaffirmed faith in our students by hiring in good numbers

– First time recruiters included Morgan Stanley, Reliance Industries Limited, Nokia, Sony, Raymond, Redseer Consulting, ICRA Management Consulting among others

– Morgan Stanley recruited from FMS for their Front end Investment Banking role reflecting the exceptional talent on campus

– Avigo Capital hired exclusively from FMS for its Private Equity profile

– FMS reaffirmed itself as the Marketing Campus of the country with the presence of almost all the top notch recruiters – HUL, P&G, ITC, J&J, Kraft – Cadbury, Coca Cola, Nokia, Asian Paints , Reckitt Benckiser, Glaxo Smithkline Consumer, Phillips, Godrej Consumer, etc.

– Presence of Media and advertising companies including HT Media, Sony, Zee, Times OOH, Leo Burnett etc. added to the diversity

– Bank of America Merrill Lynch hired for their Corporate Banking and Treasury profiles. FMS was among the few campuses BofA-ML visited this time.

– Roles in operations saw a boost with  Asian Paints, Scandinavian Consulting firm- Valcon Consulting, Flipkart, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages, Bristlecone among many others making offers on campus.

We would like to thank the placement committee of FMS Delhi for providing information in the format. We believe it will be of immense help to readers, aspirants and recruiters.

This is the second in a series of reports that will bring to you this season. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers. We must also put a disclaimer that despite our best efforts it is not always necessary that the data given to us is 100 % accurate.


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I dont know why but FMS just comes out saying that it is the Marketing Campus though all the marketing companies that visit FMS have been visiting IIMs and many other institutes for years. There isnt a logical connect


An impressive list of companies given the batch size of 230 odd.

Bank of America – Merrill Lynch visited IIM ABC for sure. So surely the number is not 2 as stated in the report.

Mst. P

michael page did nt recruit for sure …. i wonder how many such names are there !!….Inside IIM should take care that only those companies which have recruited should be mentioned in the report , so as not to mislead its readers.


We try our best to verify. But we cannot check with each and every company. Most of the times students from the same institute write to us from their official email id telling us if their placement committee is lying. We ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity of the person writing to us. But we do not take stray comments where a person hasn't revealed his/her identity seriously. If you have solid evidence or if you are from FMS, please write to us from your official email id.

Mst. P

No i am not from FMS , bt have gt friends in FMS. Also i really appreciate the confidentiality and anonymity part because most of the times students are threatened by their placecom to shut their mouth. (we know it happens in every B school) , and i hope this leads to greater transparency in the placement processes in top B schools.


Also Standard Chartered offered its front end markets profile(Financial Markets) at FMS


placement team have screwed up the summer placements big time, and this time, International companies likes Olam International, Jumbo Electronics didn’t turned up. Finance major : Goldman Sachs, Avendus Capital, Jacob Ballas, O3 Capital, Sequoia Capital, Rotschild Bank, Development Bank of Singapore, didn’t turned up because of pathetic work done by our seniors and placement team is all bullshit. so 20-25 niche placements are gone with these companies not turning up. going on the record 16 students have opted out of summer placements. They again failed to crack the major consulting firms like BCG, McKinsel, etc. and adding on to that they screwed up Accenutre Management Consulting which has promised to recruit in chunk from FMS. But Placement committee have put Deloitte ahead of accenture and accenture didn’t turned up. Accenture promised to take 5-6 students and placement team .aah… my god.

Coming to marketing side, ooops! PEPSI, Nivea, didn’t turned up. Companies like Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Vodafone, Aircel could not be retained this time. So Let me tell you guys, it is no more a preferred choice as compared to IIML, and more it has become a sales campus not the marketing one.

Only new company which you can see is Morgan Stanley, which is also because it is in cash crunch and they hired cheap from FMS.

Till the very last day 28 students could not be placed by placement team and they have been forced to go into firms like, Bank of Baroda, People Soft, Gail etc. at a very low/no stipend. Dream of FMS for them is over. Out of 226 batch 16 opted out, 30-35 students are having placements with very low (<15k) stipend or no stipend.

Ok, so far you read this through, and now the concept of multiple offer: No student in campus is allowed to have more than one offer in campus. How multiple offers came up is actually on last day they placed unplaced students in companies like BOB, gail etc. which have offered to more than student, obviously when they are not paying s shit, they can extend their list to 5-10 any number of student. No candidate is having more than one offer in major firm.

Lastly, Michael Page came to the campus, but have not recruited anyone from FMS and is a known fact to everyone.

Fms summer placement report is manipulated and average stipend has fallen to 95K-1lakh(for two months) as compared to lastly quoted 1.29 Lakh (for two months).


6 offers that are being reported international include 3 from DB where interns have just a week outside India and 3 are from HUL which might/might not sent the interns abroad!!


A lot of the comments above are false and biased.

Trying to discount Morgan Stanley as a firm which is running out of money. Bullshit. they are paying over 5 lakhs for a 2 month internship. Why would they even recruit if they did not want to come


Your comment is false and biased.
Morgan stanley did not pay anything to Institution but only d recruit. In many IIMs companies have 2 pay a fees 2 institution 2 recruit anyone.


Oh come on. More lies.

Companies also pay to recruit at FMS.And the amount is a one time fee plus for per offer which is nearly similar at most colleges.

If you did not get the company you wanted, the process is not unfair.


Lol.. No one really cares about your CAT scores once you reach a B-School. Many of those OBC/SC/ST get placed on Day Zero as well. At the same time, some of the general category students are amongst the last 10 to get placed. The skills that are tested during GDs and PIs of campus recruitment are quite different from the ones required for cracking CAT and making it to a B-School.


Don't talk such demeaning things for your brothers and sisters. This is such a chauvinistic mentality you have.


its no way chauvinistic……….a truth is a truth u can use any angle to watch it….i am sorry for specific mention of few words…..but its the root cause if u have come of merit u have more chances of doing good i never deny that many people may learn new things irrespective of their past……its good if they do that but MBA is too fast to see such twist of fate change……..u r welcome for replies….


There is nothing you or I can do about reservations. So the best that we can do is ignore it. If history is to be believed, such discussions lead us nowhere. The original purpose of this thread will get lost. Let us not clutter all thread with discussions related to reservations, ok?


@admin : dude u gotta censor these comments , they are not only invoking hatred against a particular community , but also are legally offensive , there is a law which prevents from demeaning people of particular communities , so since these comments are illegal , u gotta delete them. Also btw they are not at all in sync with the article :/


@Insideiim: A suggestion. For commenting on a few specific threads such as placements, you should disable the option of 'anonymous' or 'guest' login. Infact, you should enable 'facebook login' facility only whereby the credibility of the comments can be established.


the overall purpose of my exposure was to stop the kangaroo court which runs after each thread which has no meaning unless u get to the very basic of reasons behind poor placement ……I AM 100% SURE THOSE WHO ARE DESERVING WILL GET 100% PLACED IN A GOOD COMPANY…….UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE….THERE IS NO NEED TO CURSE PLACEMENT COMMITTEE ALWAYS…….


@Dhruv : Dude, 28 students unplaced till last day ?? It seems many companies didn't visit campus this summers. I guess this time summer placements isn't in par with past summers glory @ FMS, provided 28 unplaced students till last day. Hope FMS Placement com will clear the doubts with their own calculated reasons 🙂
@Karizma: Summers & Finals at top B-school is a serious concern for many aspirants, and referring your comments/views isn't going to help people.


@karizma – Your comment is not only illegal but also illogical.. If people are blaming FMS current placecom for this year summer placement comparing it with last year summer does your so called exposure make any sense..when d batches have been similar in composition last year too.. I have serious doubt on your capabilities and logical thinking..n you may be among people who consider education to be hard work for 16 hours in order to know how to solve a particular problem mechanically..


dude my comment was not for FMS specifically but a general comment…….u are not able to get what i said due to comments of mine deleted by admins……@angel keep ur wisdom with u i have plenty……am no way advocating the 16 hour creatures….but overall smart and intelligent


The following companies have not taken any students but are mentioned in the report
Michael page- came to campus but didnot take anyone
Zee Networks- never came
Tata Steel- Never turned up
Singhania group- Never heard abt it in d campus
Crisil- came to campus but didnot take anyone
35 people placed with 0 salary on the last day with PSUs/NGOs( Which i believe they could have cracked neways without investing their peak years of life in this college)
How can the placecom release such false statements .
They are not only lying to the society but are also playing with the future of the unfortunate students.
I m still a proud FMSite and am sure we will beat everything on our way.


we have all the data and the moment they come up with figures we will be glad enough to let the students see the real picture here.


This kind of behaviour is the cause of a plague. My nearest comparison would be the Euro Crisis which is really an important case study. On paper making your reports look gud can bring down the stature of not only your institute but MBA's at other B-Schools as well. ITs time the placement comitee answers to the queries and allegations on them


Not only stipends, even students signed out is not declared . Just 2 comments on last year summers report thread, and this year B) . Looks like FMS has burned down this summers. @Admin: This allegations needs to be exposed and this has been seen in PG too (where comments being deleted)


We are not here to expose any institution. We have set parameters which we feel are important. However, it is the discretion of the institute whether they wish to reveal it or not. A lot of IIMs have the policy of not revealing stipends. A lot of IIMs do not wish to reveal the number of sign outs. Legally, they are not bound to do so.

The Truth

Lets be frank. Some students have poor CV's, poor soft skills and are unprepared for interviews who then go on to blame the placecomm. Getting to a b-school does not erase your past.

FMS has a lot of great companies coming and I for a fact know many companies which wanted to make 10-11 offers but did not have suitable candidates especially day 1 onwards. Can someone with 56 percent in 10th and 54 percent in 12th come be a candidate who is easily placed. On top of it the candidate is obessed with stipend and won't even apply to companies who he feels are too low for him. And then there are students who had 30-40 shortlists and still cannot convert. Then if these candidates go around creating a ruckus who is to blame. If you expect a 60-70 k per month as stipend please be candidate worth it. Lets not even talk about higher paying offers.

This is not to defame anyone but state the truth. The stipend not being declared is a good thing by allowing students to evaluate a college better before joining. There


Well the problem here is that many companies which were supposed to recruit, did not come to campus. So it is not the batch which is to blame but perhaps the placecom. I refuse to believe that the batch composition dropped drastically this time around as compared to last year and hence companies did not come. A few companies pulling out is fine, but when a string of companies not turning up is not acceptable especially when they visited all other comparable campuses and made offers in large numbers.

The Truth

Do you think the same thing did not happen last year? Every year companies come up for ppt's and don't come for placements or simply do not come at all. 20-30% churn in companies is normal. You want me to take names from last year? Some of the companies get screwed up by the candidates who go there and this can continue for years. This is not the placecomms fault. No placecomm is perfect but they are not there to screw you.

Talk to any b-school and I am saying any b-school and ask them about the last 50 or so placements. They will have the same issues there. How can you get a day 0 type company when only 20-30 candidates are left. most companie esp the big ones have huge ego's and will walk off and not come to campus.

There is nothing like a batch. Everyone gets placed in his own merit. Why are there ppl at FMS who have an HUL or a TAS convert ? The idea is to look inside and improve but if you can only blame others, that's your choice.


The companies which I am talking about are slot zero companies in FMS. Dont tell me that these companies did not recruit because of the batch quality.

The Truth

Dude you should read a bit what I said. Companies don't come to campuses for a variety of reasons. If you had desired to ask you would know the reasons for possibly every company.

Companies want the slots of their choice or the schedules just don't match. So a few major names may drop out. The batch issues start to come once 100 or so ppl are placed.

Placecomm just cant drag a company to campus if they just don't want to come


If placement team can't drag a company, what are they supposed to do? Dragging is one of there important task .


FMS is (or was) considered as one of the campuses which attract top notch companies. Frankly speaking if all the top notch consulting firms/I Banks flock to ABC, it is not because the placement committees are dragging them to their campuses. The alumni base is responsible for driving their respective companies to the campuses. While the usual list of companies gave FMS a miss this time around, the same companies did visit other campuses. Do you mean to say that FMS alumni have lost faith in their alma mater?' Two- four companies not visiting a campus is fine. Even Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley did not visit IIMC this time around. But a big list of companies not turning up for sure will raise everyone's eyebrows, won't it?

The Truth

Dude you really have no idea how companies are approached and how they behave. FMS is a much smaller batch than any of the IIMs. A few companies drop in and out every year. Talk to students who run the process and stop cribbing like a kid


Majority of the guys who don't get placed are quota candidates. The guy who is complaining cant even write proper English, how he would be hired.


Request all on this forum to exercise restraint. Anyone making any claims needs to base it on solid data. Please write to us from an official email id with details.

Any slander in the comments section without any basis will be deleted and the ip address will blocked.


@Truth ya so you mean to say the remaining 30-40 students are of no good and placecom has done the best it could. On a personal front I would like to see your profile to see how it matches. If placecom cant take it on them now itsthe poor students to be blamed for being of no match. The blame game can continue forever and amidst all the lies and deceptions by the placecom at the end of the day its the students who will suffer. Dude people have their career on stake and can match any profile if given the opportunity. here the question is your inability to deliver enough opportunities not theirs ….If the placecom runs away from the responsibilities for the sake of making a 5-day placement completion and celebrations get people placed in LALA companies(all are gud enuf to get on their own) its the students who suffer and if you dont understand their pain the world will never do …How can you even expect alumni to help us if the current batch cannot address the problems of the 1st yearites? U hv screwed not only the few hopes bt the esteem of our college
@Insideiim i will be sending all the details from my official id if required bas xams khatam ho jaye


'the worst kind of lie is a lie mixed with some truth'
that is what is going on here, the situation is just not as bad as it is being project by many in pure frustration. Last year same kind of studetns such as yourself were making accusations in IIM L, now this year some at FMS are cribbing and IIM L is happy so its always an up and down story.
Every B school has great jobs and some jobs that it wouldnt like to talk about but that doesnt mean you're the only top B school student not getting what he wanted. Be worthy enough to get through when you get short lists, and dont expect any placecom to call a Mckinsey for you on day 6 … not happening not even at harvard, mckinsey's a top job there too.

The Truth

@Mita- The esteem of the college is as it is. Its the college in India where you get a chance to apply at some of the best brands of India. Some of these companies go to only 5-6 colleges in India or less.

Secondly I never meant that the last 30-40 students are not good. Sometimes its a lot of luck. But this is life. This is just a summers job, The students who work hard can have opportunities for finals. And its very easy to say that enough opportunities were not available. There were over 80 companies.

Were not these oppurtunities enough? If one has difficulty cracking even 1 of 20-30 interviews whats to be done. Or he does not apply to any company because they are too small for him. Yet instead of retrospection this has become a forum to slander FMS. I have seldom seen such poor conduct from individuals. Despite excellent placements someone would have the idea placements were screwed at FMS from this forum.

I don't have a super profile but I can honestly judge myself. Coming to FMS does not make a person's a God's gift to earth. Companies want certain profiles or at least something outstanding in a person. Please look at your profile and honestly answer why you deserve a 80 k summer stipend.


@The_Truth Regarding poor conduct from individuals..there were irresponsible comments from placecom members or it supporters as well passing judgmental comments about group of students not placed in 'reputed' companies , posing under different avatars on various forums.. It now more of a mob frenzy and spiraling out of control..and people with ulterior motives have joined d party..

The Truth

There were other forums for such stuff.

There is no mob frenzy. There is now a vendetta led by 2-3 ppl here.


There has been a communication gap..
'nobody in this world can guarantee u success if u dont have it in u to stand the test of competition'
I was referring to this statement on a particular forum and several times repetition of the d judgmental comment.. and when its thrown at a particular avatar for his/her placement that automatically questions capabilities of all d students who were not placed in 'reputed' ones..
Not achieving a specific target in a single process which at best cannot be termed as ideal one does not qualify students from being labeled as people who cannot stand the test of competition..

The Truth

The accusation that placecom would actually come on web and accuse ppl is malicious.

They won't come down to such low conduct.


@ConcernedCitizen Its a matter of an individual perception and in no way reflects FMS, its Management or its students opinion in general.. Anybody interested in such a discussion are requested to find appropriate forum on internet..which may be available in plenty..


Also one important thing to be noted , all the major pharma companies except a few seems to have given FMS a miss this time.


I would also like to point out how the Placecom team 'generally' ends up getting placed within Day zero to 1/2….That too mostly in good companies!!!! So there is always the possibility of manipulation while handling the placement duties side by side…….
That the Placecom team indulges in such work is a well known fact and thus, I can fully agree with the anuguish shared on this thread……Placecom teams are excellent at botching up placement schedules and misusing their roles and responsibilities for their own benefits…..I am not just referring to FMS….this is a trend at quite a few places.


This is the final warning to all participants on this thread. We do not believe that barrage of comments on this page adds a lot of value to our readers. A lot of the comments are accusatory in their tone and also petty at times. We have been deleting a lot of comments but it is difficult to keep monitoring every 15 mins. If we see more such comments, this section will be closed.


huh…with such a small batch, so many issues, what will happen in case the batch size increases to 400+ like other IIMs ??


@just worried : You dont need to worry for FMS.. FMS has consistently been ranked among top by various magazines for its placements.. If u r 4rm IIM L then u may b knowng abt BIGGER ISSUES that arose in IIM L Summer placement last time..which is very well documented on this website

.. so please..plz dont pass remarks just for the sake of it…


@GameChanger – Dude this is a post that's a month old…and the IIML Summer Placements post is more than a year old ! And above all – just_worried has not mentioned his affiliation to any college anywhere in his post…..So my suggestion to you would be – let this pass by, think coming from FMS you'll have much bigger things to do than this….


My own rankings system –

Ranked 1 – IIM A, IIMB, IIM C & to some extent IIM L

Ranked 2 – JBIMS, XLRI J, SP Jain & FMS D

Ranked 3 – IIM I & IIM K

Ranked 4 – NMIMS, MDI G & IIFT

Ranked 5 – IMT G, SIBM P, XIM B, Nitie & SJSOM


Your personal ranking is your perception based on your limited knowledge.. if anyone want to know rankings which have more chances of being closer to reality..then they should refer various publication ranking which are normally based on more extensive research..