Summer Placements : FMS Delhi – Class of 2013-15 (Unverified)

It is unfortunate that FMS Delhi has decided to not share placement data with us from this year. One of their representatives said that the students had ‘taken an unanimous decision to not have a relationship with’. Despite repeated calls and emails we did not hear from them.

( Published Verified Reports of the past of FMS Delhi  can be found here – Summers 2011 and 2012, Finals 2012 and 2013)

The context to this decision is that FMS students feel that the Editorial team at InsideIIM is biased against them in favour of IIM L and XLRI. After we published the FMS final placement report this year, some students of FMS Delhi wrote to us with exact details of unplaced students in an excel sheet. FMS Placement and Media cells had sent us the report claiming placements had been completed and no information on sign-outs/unplaced students was given. We just made the exact figure public without disclosing the names of students or making the excel sheet public. You can follow the exact updates from 17th May to 19th May 2013 here. This did not go down to well with them. They had expressed displeasure earlier in Nov 2012 when according to them we had praised IIM L in a biased manner. On another earlier occasion we received a call from a placement committee member when we praised ISB for being able to attract companies in a short span of existence of about 12 years here and we didn’t write as much about FMS according to him.

If you go through any of the earlier FMS reports or other research reports, there is no case where we have written anything negative about FMS. As always we only focus on positive aspects of a recruitment season at any campus which shares data with us. We hope FMS revisits its position in the future on this.

The report below has unverified data. It has been taken from mainstream media, FMS website and a few confirmations have been made through our alumni network.



Impressive number given the batch size.  Also, relatively diverse.  One of the few other campuses apart from IIM ABC where there are a few front-end ibanking/markets opportunities.

One of the lines in the report on their website says, “Deutsche Bank, TVS Capital Funds, Magma Fincorp, Microgram also opened roles across profiles for FMS”.  It is slightly ambiguous and we request readers to confirm with friends on campus if offers were made.



TAS made 8 offers which is a very impressive number.



One of the best campuses in India for FMCG opportunities. Almost everyone seems to be at FMS barring P&G.  If your dream is to make a career in FMCG and you have an admit from FMS, it may be a great proposition given the low fees.  It is as good as anywhere else in the country.








This report could be inaccurate as it is unverified. Please support this report with some more primary research by speaking to a few students.

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which are the institutes which do not publish their placement report?
guess IIM B is one among that


Inside IIM has justified what FMS is claiming. The lines “One of the lines in the report on their website says, “Deutsche Bank, TVS Capital Funds, Magma Fincorp, Microgram also opened roles across profiles for FMS”. It is slightly ambiguous and we request readers to confirm with friends on campus if offers were made.”

I dont understand the source of InsideIIM to call it ambiguous. I am sure none in their editorial team is a student of FMS to claim that. Rest assured, sources are sources at the end of the day and there is nothing official about them. Its a world where everyone believes and somehow manages to practice the learning of ‘bias school of management’ and InsideIIM too belongs to the same league.

Anyways great placements by a school which is dream for money…


It is a legitimate doubt. Opening profiles does not mean offers were made.

You have useless stats like 130 companies ‘confirmed’ participation, 94 ‘participated’ and 88 made offers.

All that matters is who made offers. What the hell does ‘confirmed participation’ even mean. Just another ploy to mislead MBA aspirants.


Is this the complete list (of all the big-wigs that came for placement)?? So many big names are missing which makes one wonder if insideiim missed them or they just didn’t come. By FMS standards, the above list appears very very ordinary & seems like the placement report of MDI or IIFT.
In Finance, there is no JPMC, DBS, Stan-Chart, Langham Capitals.
In Consulting, BCG seems to have dropped FMS from it’s list after just 1 year & this is all the more shocking as it has hired in big numbers elsewhere.
Gen-Man also looks ghastly with no ABG, RIL.

Has the placements really been this ordinary or has insideiim missed certain names?? :O


Standard Chartered picked for both wholesale and retail. Deutsche bank opened corporate banking and took 5. Magma, microgram and TVS capital also made offers, as did AMEX. And plenty of other corp fin roles apart from sab miller and coca-cola.
Capgemini offered Management consulting and not an IT role. RIL and M&M took 3/4 interns each for their flagship Gen Man roles. Airtel too has started its Gen Man program this year and made offers. Hinduja and singhania group are the other missing from Gen Man.
P&G is not the only notable absentee from Marketing. Kraft Cadbury is missing too.