Summer Placements : IIM Indore – Class of 2013-15

IIM Indore concluded a very successful summer placement season in Mid-November. This is the fourth summer internship season since the batch size doubling took place to 450. This batch has over 130 women. The main highlights for us have been the higher number of offers made by marquee recruiters, the surge in the FMCG sector hiring combined with more offers in the Sales & Marketing domain and the special focus on e-Commerce, Media and Advertising  jobs.

IIM Indore seems to be a preferred recruiting destination for Deutsche Bank if the number of offers for summer placements and the number of PPOs are anything to go by.

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IIM Indore must also have mixed feelings about losing out on some regular marquee recruiters of the past although it has been compensated by presence of new recruiters and higher offers per company. It is interesting to note that IIM Indore is one of the few campuses where many marquee recruiters prefer recruiting for finals than for summers. BCG has visited IIM Indore for the last 3 years only during final placements. It is the same case with Deloitte and increasingly seems the case with TAS. Usually, it is the other way round. Based on three year data, it is clear that final placements at IIM Indore are better than summer placements which isn’t the norm at other top campuses.

Also, for a campus traditionally reliant on finance and consulting jobs, the shift towards marketing is very striking. Just look at the reports for the last couple of years. Maybe, it is a function of the relatively younger batch profile.

A Mumbai based marquee recruiter had this to say about Placements at IIM Indore – “IIM Indore has grown phenomenally over the last 3-4 years. There is a lot happening there. We get the best slots there are we continue to be impressed by the quality of students. The high proportion of women candidates this year was a welcome addition to the mix.”

Some Highlights shared by the IIM Indore Placement Committee :

– Increase in number of offers from regular recruiters such as Deutsche Bank, HUL, Vodafone, Pidilite
– 42% of the batch accepted internships in Sales and Marketing function
– Deutsche Bank was the largest recruiter in Finance function
– GMR Group, Mahindra, Reliance Industries were major recruiters offering roles in General Management
– First time recruiters included CavinKare, Channelplay Cinepolis, Genesis Colors, L’Oreal, O&M, Parle
– Pharma & Healthcare emerged as a major recruiting sector at IIM Indore
– Significant number of companies from e-commerce and media domain participated in the process


insideiim-iim-indore-classof2015-summer-placements-consulting&general managemnt





insideiim-iim-indore-classof2015-summer-placements-Functional Split

Names of over 85 companies out of the 155 that made offers have been mentioned in the report above.

We would like to thank the IIM Indore Placement Committee for their co-operation.

In case you wish to point out anomalies in the report, do write in to us at editor(at)insideiim(dot)com. We will try to clarify it with the placement committee. Anonymity will be ensured.

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RBI does not recruit from campus for summer internship. Probably students would have applied outside campus for rbi. Should it be included in the campus placement report?

CA Sushant Lohani

Bro, Could you tell me the CTC,designation and profile offered by RBI to those selected from elite schools? Is it different from what it offers to those selected from all-India_level examinations (CTC:11lcpa in Mumbai)?


RBI did not visit any college for summer placements. They are considering students who have applied to them individually. Can insideiim confirm if this is the case with Indore. If it is then it should not be included in the report

Team InsideIIM

Dear Rishikesh from IIM Kozhikode,

Thanks for not hiding under a fake id like your other friends. You will get your answer soon. Most probably directly from a placement committee member of IIM Indore.

We can confirm that RBI has made at least one offer at IIM Indore


” for a campus traditionally reliant on finance and consulting jobs”
Not even true for IIM-ABC. Nice try, Editor.


Finally you recognise there is a B-school called K.
@Editor, if you read any of your cases while at I, you will know “ignoring competition” is not a way to compete. Where is your report on Summers at K?.
Verified or Unverified :). Apt Smiley.

Team InsideIIM

Dear IIM K Placement Committee Member,
Please get to the point. If you think we are biased towards IIM Indore, please prove it. There is no point writing messages under fake ids.


Epic cover-up to hide failure in summers: Based on three year data, it is clear that final placements at IIM Indore are better than summer placements which isn’t the norm at other top campuses.

What joke. Dear writer, you are making a fool of yourself here. People from those ‘top campuses’ read this stuff. Trust me, everyone is laughing at you.

Team InsideIIM

Dear Mr. Sagar Tule from IIM K Placement Committee,

Please prove your allegations with facts and figures. We have mountains of evidence about IIM I and definitely about IIM K. Every statement is made based on facts and figures. If you are confident about your assertions, write comments out in the open. These kind of messages talk very poorly about you and your school. You must also appreciate that companies visit these placement reports regularly. Messages like these only harm your business school.

As you would have guessed we track all interactions on this platform. We know exactly when someone enters a debate here and have an entire history of it for the last 18 Months.


Dear Team,

Well, you did exactly what I wanted you to. Tracking IDs and using names. Point proven.

And as far as I could remember, last time we mailed some facts, you chose to ignore. The phrase to close it was lovely by the way: ‘we can agree to disagree.’ So yet another point proven.

The point is the way you as a public forum have managed the data you have. I would request the reader to closely analyze the reports to understand our point.

There was a reason for me to use my ID and choose this name – whistleblower. I had anticipated this. Glad I was proven right, thus making this as my last response to you.

You are free to attack me personally now.


What about epic success of IIM indore to finish placements in over two months? It is not mentioned anywhere. It is by far the maximum compared to any other IIMs.

Team InsideIIM

Dear Shashank Sharma from IIM K,

We wish to give you the same advice that we gave your friend Sagar Tule above. This tirade against IIM Indore and InsideIIM is just showing your school in poor light.

Get Well Soon

Rohit Phulsunge

Using Fake Ids and then demeaning other institute’s placements by navigating to their placement report page on InsideIIM is a sign of utter joblessness and may be a cover up for your own miserable performance.
Instead of doing a healthy competition, folks here are pulling each other’s legs.
(I am a person who now feels happy not to join K even after converting it)


For rohit u have removed the comments form your fb account about the discussion on summer report , can you site the reason for it.

Team InsideIIM

@Whistleblower – What exactly did you achieve by your fake ID tirade?

‘There was a reason for me to use my ID and choose this name – whistleblower. I had anticipated this. Glad I was proven right, thus making this as my last response to you.’

What exactly does this mean? What did you manage to achieve except showing the world that IIM K placement committee members indulge in slander and mudslinging under the guise of fake IDs?

We may now write a separate story detailing exactly what the IIM K Placement Committee has been indulging in for the last 6 months.

Team InsideIIM

@bynge – We will make a public statement on why we are not reporting IIM K’s summer placement report. We will share exactly what IIM K’s placement committee has been indulging in with evidence.


Why should a Placement Committee behaviour affect a news blog ? You should deal with more dignity if you are succeed in long term. If I am not wrong most of you lack a formal training in journalism. If you want the site to be comprehensive shouldn’t you report about all schools.? Are you sure “teamInsIdeIIm” is not getting biased towards with every campus that IIMI is trying to catch up to ? FMS for example as mentioned in your own article.


1. Where is FMS mentioned about in the above/current article?
2. Lost respect for IIM K. No wonder many choose I over K.


The PR team which is handling the insideiim first of all have to learn the manners of journalism.
I being a current student of IIM Indore could certainly guarantee that the report has been fabricated. If u see “42% of the batch accepted internships in Sales and Marketing function” and only few companies in that domain, you know the answer where the bulk of the student gets placed i.e. unknown companies.
Team InsideIIM please don’t fool people we all know whats the economic scenario…its not only I but even C is facing problem and last don’t point out names it looks bad on you


Well, the founder of insideiim is from IIM I if I am not wrong… that explains insideiim’s bias towards IIM I…

Saurabh Bhuwania

The placement report of FMS is definitely skewed a bit, although not sure if it was intentional. Many a top recruiters’ name were not mentioned. Absolutely it was unverified one, but any source won’t miss out those names.
And the verbal war betwwen IIM I and IIM K will present these two pioneer colleges in poor light in the eyes of the aspirant. Let placement be just one aspect of a b-school. Salvage the reputation guys. ATB

Team InsideIIM

Only those names that were present in the FMS report on the FMS website have been mentioned. If there were other recruiters, why didn’t FMS put their names in the official report on the site? Which schools tries to hide names of marquee recruiters? And it is not like those are recruiters that only visit FMS and need to be kept secret.