Summer Placements : MDI Gurgaon – Class of 2013-15 (Unverified Report)

We started featuring MDI Gurgaon this year. This is the first report.

Unfortunately, as soon as there is a hint of transparency requested, business schools stonewall in the name of ‘policy’. They ask us to refer to ambiguous reports available on their website where there is absolutely no clarity on profiles offered. So is it a policy to not be transparent?

So we followed our standard practice of collating data when we publish an unverified report. We check with companies, alumni and current students to get as much data as possible.  Hence, we cannot confidently say all our data is correct. However, we have tried our best. Inputs from users is always welcome in the comments section or if you need anonymity send an email to us.

The only comment we will make here is that the FMCG sector recruiting is strong at MDI. It is as good if not marginally better than at a couple of old IIMs (clear absence of HUL and ITC in the list).

Please find the unverified data below. We have added a line for all the Human Resource domain recruiters below each head. MDI has a separate HR course and it is important to know opportunities in that domain in isolation.










MDIGurgaon-Summerplacement-classof2015-insideiim-important stats


We do not know if the above stipend figures include Airfare and Accommodation cost borne by companies. We can confirm that the figure is not audited by any credible agency (Only IIM A, SPJIMR, TAPMI and a few others get it done so MDI is not alone in not doing it. Many other top schools also come out with unvetted stipend figures). No information on number of women participating. The MDI report mentions that the gender diversity is ‘excellent’ as compared to previous years.

The sources of the above unverified report are : MDI Website, Companies, MDI alumni, Current Students and mainstream media

We hope that in the future MDI Gurgaon will move towards a more transparent mechanism of reporting placements.

In case you wish to point out anomalies in the report, do write in to us at editor(at)insideiim(dot)com. Anonymity will be ensured.


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InsideIIM atleast post sensible average stipends , 1 lac stipend is not possible even for IIM Ahmedabad. I dont know how you guys get such exorbitant figures, Stipends for most top 10-15 b-schools is ranging between 30000-70000 but placement cells report avg as ( Min+Max)/2 which is ridiculous so do a thorough analysis rather than posting such reports. Also only major companies have been covered here which visited the campus, these companies account for recruitment of 100-150 students what abt the rest of the students , these ppl either get recruited by startups or they get their internships through their own sources. Even students who get their internships on their own , those companies are also featured in the placement reports which is not ethical so investigate into these issues too

Team InsideIIM

1) This is an unverified report. Hence, the figures are not ours.
2) 1 lac is for 2 Months which means INR 50,000 for 1 month

Deepti Shah

More than 170 companies come for placement this year , Top recruiters are Adobe, Accenture, Deloitte US, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, IBM,American Express, Bank of America, Citibank, Fidelity, Gold Man Sachs, HSBC, Snapdeal, Flipkart, eBay; JOVI and many more.

Deepti Shah

Last year CAT had only two sections the QA cutoff was around 80 and VA 85… however this is only estimated cutoffs were released by the institute..