Summer Placements : XLRI Jamshedpur – Class of 2012-14

Given the various emails and comments after our post on the IIM Lucknow Summer Placements, we have decided not to give any team opinion on any placement report we publish. This has been decided to ensure we come across as neutral and are not influencing the reader. The facts should allow the reader to make his/her own conclusions.

Summer Placement Report – XLRI Jamshedpur for Class of 2013 can be found here

Please find the Summer Placement Report of XLRI Jamshedpur for both the BM and HRM batches of the Class of 2014.

Highlights :

– 73 recruiters participated with 282 offers being made resulting in 100% placements for a batch of 240 students

– The highest domestic stipend was offered by an investment bank for its Mumbai desk

-The highest international stipend was offered by Novartis for its leadership role at its global headquarters in Switzerland

Two-thirds of the batch had stipends exceeding the Rs. 1-lakh mark (for 2 months) for the internship period.

– Carlyle Group recruited exclusively from XLRI

–  Boston Consulting Group continued its strong relationship with XLRI by participating in summer placements for the first time


We would like to thank the placement committee of XLRI Jamshedpur for providing information in the format. We believe it will be of immense help to readers, aspirants and recruiters.

This is the third in a series of reports that will bring to you this season. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers. We must also put a disclaimer that despite our best efforts it is not always necessary that the data given to us is 100 % accurate.


Summer Placement Class of 2014:

IIM Lucknow

FMS Delhi

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McKinsey, Procter & Gamble missing?
Did the technology companies (Microsoft, nokia, amazon etc) come for product management or marketing role?


Quite a good performance. After FMS debacle, comes as a pleasant surprise and establishes once again XLRI as one of TOP 5 B-School in India.


I have a certain point to put across to InsideIIM , First of all kudos to you guys for carving out a place of your own in the online world . Cutting the intro and straight to what i wanted to say . i.e , See if you guys do decide to stay neutral , then i dont see the difference between INSIDEIIM and other x,yz sites reporting about campus placements .

For instance , ppl like me who aspire to get into the top B schools of the country , at the moment would have minimal idea about which company is prestigious in which field etc.. I am speaking for the majority , please note , yes there will be the sharp talented ones who do all their in depth research well beforehand.

So , I would always welcome your side of views, for, only then am i being educated about what is what in the MBA world. About the growth a particular B school made compared to its previous performance. or when you point out that an X company has stopped visiting a Y schhol offlate and has instead gone to another Z school.
I dont think i will be able to gather all that info by myself. These are important pointers to ppl like me to help us decide our priorities.

Hence , i would insist if you could ignore all the comments that come along or face it. for you know that you have done your homework diligently and sincerely , then why do you have to even worry about not being neutral ?

This is a society involving a lot many specimens , You will never be able satisfy everyone . I just thought that i will sit down and put across my view. All upto you ! either way , i will be an avid follower of insideiiim.


Joe Thaliath


I read the report and XL has done decently well . They could have propagated more atleast after seeing IIM L hoax which was absurd absolutely I feel other B school should start marketing now to counteract the effect that IIM L has made. IT was a shame that IIM L would do such for publicity and drawing aspirants!


To your point, IIM Lucknow beats XLRI Jamshedpur hands down in terms of opportunities (quality and quantity) in this season. Inferring it solely based upon the two reports published here on this website.


E&Y , Ernst & Young. Reported twice. Please re-check for sanity before posting a report.


Those are indeed two different companies. Coca Cola India is the product and marketing and hence corp HR arm while HCCB looks after bottling alone, and hence is more manufacturing and sales and hence IR arm.


That is because xl has a batch size of 120 BM students…For 120 students, 15 finance companies is a good number 🙂


In finance, FMS had more options than XLRI. XL had a little edge in Consulting & Gen Man while FMS looks much better in the FMCG and related domain.

I would put them in the same bucket.


Bhai Teradata … Apna studdapa bandh karo … saare articles mein apna expert opinion deta rehta hai … For gods sake, please stop.


There was a question, to which I replied. You may not agree with me, that is fine. If you find my points of view rubbish, what can I do about it? To each one, his own.


Could you please post your credentials before trying to be an opinion leader on placements of various institutes, which even experts on this site has refrained from doing?
Also, please be objective in your analysis…If you are saying something is better than something else, then please mention how it is better, a little bit of objectivity if you are really trying to help others and not trying to promote/demean any institute.




My opinions are purely based on the information reported by team. I have just had a look at the number of companies posted against each vertical for various institutes and inferred a few trends about placements at those institutes. I do not have to be an expert here, do I?

And I wish everyone starts posting his credentials here. In that case, I would not shy away for sure.

If someone from asks me to shut up, I will for sure, for it their website.

Thank you.


You have been asked to shut-up by inside iim team in one of their previous articles because of your random statements which lack sense, don't have any basis & utterly meaning less.
Unfortunately you keep continuing.


When did it last recruit from XLRI? As per the report, JPMC did not recruit from XLRI last year nor this year. That is all I am trying to say.

And nice to know that only ABC and XL are on the radar of JPMC. Nice for XL.


Oh yeah … I know it is nice


well i think that jp morgan will come for final placements but not summers..and it was gr8 to see BCG gave a miss to lot of gr8 colleges..kudos to xl for living up to the reputation..


the biggies are missing everywhere except A,B and C.. i didn't come across any biggie in FMS summer placement page or even IIM-L for that matter


NOTE: companies mentioned here are a mix for HR and BM courses. i know for a fact that most of the companies mentioned here in consulting domain were exclusive to the HR even in the business consulting column. Hence it is a highly deceptive and misleading practice that XLRI has been trying to propagate for a long time. Delete all the companies which came for HR only and see how good the stats will look, ppl wont be praising it as much i assure you.

Dude tera data, when you are saying FMS scores better in marketing/FMCG and also in finance…how can you put XL in the same bracket…especially when half the companies in consult /gen man are selectively for HR.
even the highest stipend is very low. Given the batch size, the average stipend is good but nothing extra ordinary by XL, honestly quite average and no peaks or a differentiating factor.


hello sir,
all gen mans recruited from BM and as far as consults are concerned, top notch HR consults also opened profile for BM. Tell me a single Gen Man which recruited for HR only. I am sure about average package but there is some issue in highest package.
Novartis Basel had a very high stipend which was certainly way higher than mentioned above.
For domestic stipend, companies like BCG, NMR, Stanc,etc offer much more than what it is mentioned above.
I wont compare FMS or L with XL because every institute has its USP and all are good.
Nevertheless, get your facts straight before becoming internet warrior.


ok, so you agree not genman but yes most consulting companies are for HR only??
Deloitte, KPMg, EnY none of them and possibly more recruited from Hr only.
Secondly i did not say genman i just said mentioned under that column. i have been talking about consulting mainly.


People post anything anonymously…
@fyi: Pls be specific about what you mention, the source of the information & its veracity…Also your institute name coz representatives of some institutes have actively started creating some propaganda in all the threads through their judgmental comments without any solid facts and self proclaimed "viral" videos!!


@fyi: Poor FMS guy, we understand your misery…Trying to demean XL won't make placements of FMS look any better 😛 😛
But hats off to you for making an attempt to comment on the average stipend, especially since a large chunk from your college are cribbing that they won't receive any stipend in summers….Rest of your comments about FMCG and consult and differentiating factor etc. are just "sour grapes" syndrome 😛


There is nothing to demean…you can say whatever you want, you dont even know if i'm from fms or not….but the point is – i dont see anyone refuting my claims. you can't hide the truth…almost all the consulting companies mentioned are for HR. 2 BM ppl in BCG…great, but what about the rest. Accenture has also cut XL from its list along with 4 other campuses this time around. KPMG EnY etc dont hire summers from BM anyway, what is left in consulting. Lets not even go to fmcgs where Png, nestle, Rb, marico and some other bigwigs are missing from the above given list quite clearly. Of course there are the upsides like Rothschild is a regular and carlyle but i just said nothing amazing by XL this season.


RB came for ppt. but opted out of process due to slotting issue,RB's global CEO is a XLER so there is nothing to worry for us. Marico came to campus and recruited. Both Nestle & P&G are different case which can't be disclosed on public forum.


Ok guys. An appeal to maintain some decorum. No personal comments or comments on quality of other institutions. We don't want to stop comments here or delete comments like we had to on other threads.


One parameter that should be added to placement report is "No of paid/unpaid internships". IIMA's IPRS makes a mention of it.


Get your facts straight. how was that unpaid? You live on different planet altogether.

Ankur Goel

Hi XLer, I would like to know about the shortlisting for summer internship process. My profile is:
10th 89.8%
12th: 89 %
I have cleared CFA Level 3 and have 3 yrs work ex (non finance). Do I stand a chance for getting shortlisted by the Inv. banks in Summers?


My own rankings system –

Ranked 1 – IIM A, IIMB, IIM C & to some extent IIM L

Ranked 2 – JBIMS, XLRI J, SP Jain & FMS D

Ranked 3 – IIM I & IIM K

Ranked 4 – NMIMS, MDI G & IIFT

Ranked 5 – IMT G, SIBM P, XIM B, Nitie & SJSOM


IIML.. give me a break. the college which was hapless even in day zero in CRP. Even highest number of PPOs could not help them and they are in rolling..


Since IIM L Is it is already out of Rank 1 league

So if we consider the placement of the entire batch and consider average placement figures and also the demand( as in number of days in which placed ) then i think it would be –

Rank 1 – IIM A , IIM B , IIM C , XLRI

Rank 2- IIM L , JBIMS, SPJain, FMS D

Rank 3- IIM I and IIM K


Rank 5- IMT G , SIBM P , XIM B , NITIE

Rank 6- SJSOM and others

Well wisher

Then as per your definition, which stresses more on placements than anything else, the ranks should be

3) IIMC, ISB, IIML, FMS (all three havent completed placements yet)


IIM L is rolling! awww!! too bad man. r u sure? Thought they were next only to God!