A Summer At Reliance – 2018

What do you want to do after your MBA? A job? A good job, perhaps? But what would make you feel that you are REALLY doing something? The answer here is, working at a place that not only gives you opportunities but also makes you feel like you are making an impact. Creating a difference. This place is Reliance.

6 B-School students. One Summer. Two months of making a difference. Experience the difference yourself. Live up to your full potential. Only at Reliance.

The Window To All Opportunities – A Summer At Reliance – 2018


IIM Lucknow Student’s Journey At Reliance – A Summer At Reliance – 2018

Do you know what is the best way to work? Nishant from IIM Lucknow shares what his dad told him. “The only way to work is to do something that profits everyone in the process.”

And that is exactly what Nishant did with his internship at Reliance this summer. He has the opportunity to make contributions that affect every stakeholder involved. Watch his video to know more about Nishant’s project and the difference he is creating with it.


The Lord Varys Of Reliance – A Summer At Reliance – 2018
What could be the similarity between this NITIE student and Lord Varys? Lord Varys and his little birds are famous for procuring information from the entire land of Westeros. Like Lord Varys, this NITIE student is a part of the procurement and the contracts team at Reliance.

Imagine being responsible for every item any business requires. Yes, that’s how big the responsibility is. But you are only an intern. Not at Reliance. At Reliance, you are responsible for real things. Here, look at the video with a NITIE student and let him tell you the perks of being an intern at Reliance.


IIM Bangalore Student’s Internship Experience With The CEO Of Reliance Digital

Exposure and Opportunities are the two things that any b-school student expects from his/her internship. But can you imagine the kind of exposure and opportunities you can get when your mentor is the CEO of Reliance Digital? Can you imagine the learning experience? Imagine the responsibilities you could get. While you can imagine it, one b-school student from IIM Bangalore, Manjari Agrawal, actually experienced it.

Watch this video to know more.


IIM Ahmedabad Student At Reliance – A Summer At Reliance – 2018

The transition from being a student to an intern can be a challenging one. But that’s where the real learning is. Unlike what the b-school culture would have us believe, it’s not about competing, but about the art of collaborating. Exchanging ideas, pitching new ideas, working as a team, etc is what you learn as an intern. And that’s exactly what this IIM Ahmedabad student learnt at his internship at Reliance Industries Limited this summer. Watch this video to know more.



Going Beyond The Traditional Internship Experience – A Summer At Reliance – 2018

What if we told you that your internship needn’t be the most boring 2 months of your life? You can go for cricket matches in stadiums, you can experience the crazy life of the Maximum City – Mumbai, you can learn how to swim, you can have a perfect work-life balance, and you have the freedom to do your project the way you want to do it. Sounds interesting? That’s exactly how this IIM Kozhikode student spent her summer at Reliance. Watch this video to know more.



The Reliance Intern At Jamnagar – A Summer At Reliance – 2018

This NMIMS student was one of the 4 interns at Reliance who spent some time at the Jamnagar plant as a part of her internship. A new place, a new role, but that didn’t stop it from being like a family. A small group but increased cohesiveness. And what better way to seal a new friendship than with icecreams? And with colleagues like that, who needs friends? Watch this video to know more!