Summer Saga 2016 – 60 Days As An Intern

Did you know that HR leaders from HSBC, Aditya Birla Group and Flipkart judged InsideIIM’s annual Summer Saga competition in 2015 and selected 10 top experiences from across schools in India?

It’s time for the Summer Saga Contest 2016. A lot of you would have just returned from your summer internship. Some of you would have beaten the heat, sitting in an air-conditioned cubicle, staring at excel sheets all day long. Some others may have been sent to remote villages and towns, in the sweltering 45-degree sun. Some may have gone abroad, and enjoyed the good life, while others may have tasted life in a start-up, and yet others may have had no work to do at all.

Have a penchant for writing? Ever wanted to scream out your joys and anger? Want to let the world know of your PPO or of your harrowing experience as a summer intern?

(Read about last year’s winners here – they were from IIM Bangalore, IIM Indore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Trichy and Delhi School of Economics)


So what are you waiting for?

Summer Saga 2016 gives you the perfect platform to voice your opinion, share your unique internship experiences with top recruiters on InsideIIM (over the last 12 months we have worked with Reckitt Benckiser, Aditya Birla Group, HSBC among others) and leave a few points of wisdom for the eternally tensed and curious first years and also the ever burgeoning base of MBA aspirants. And the best part is your story will be read by over 125,000 users per month on InsideIIM. We will ensure that your story gets the visibility it deserves.


If that’s not enough then here are the prizes :

1) Total Prizes worth Rs. 40,000 are waiting for those who can describe their 60-day date with their company of choice. The minimum word limit is 300 words. Spread across four categories, the best experience from each category wins a cash prize of Rs.7500 and the runner-up gets Rs.2,500. If the 1st prize is shared there will be no second prize winner and the prize will be shared by the winners – Rs.5000 each.

2) The broad categories include:

I – Banking & Finance, II – Sales & Marketing and General Management, III – Operations, IV – Consulting, HR and others

3) The best 5 experiences in each category above will be highlighted on It will also serve as a great accomplishment on your resume!

4) We will also declare the ‘Campus with the most Interesting Interns’ based on the entries from all the campuses. (Minimum number of entries for a campus to be considered for this title – 10)

5) If your story has already been shared by your campus it will automatically qualify for the competition. If you want to make changes to it – you can write to us on the email IDs given below. If you have applied for the student team again you automatically qualify for this competition as well.


(Read about last year’s winners here)


The entries will be judged on two main parameters :

1) Usefulness for future readers

2) Interesting – How interesting the articles are for judges as well as readers.

3) Traffic – Number of unique people who read your experience and spent over 90 seconds on the page. For us to gauge the popularity among readers, we highly recommend that you put up your story as soon as possible. It will get more time to be popular on various social media channels and on



It will be preferred if these aspects are covered in the write-up :

1) Detailed review of the project: Project details will be a significant part of evaluation. Project Details may include a brief description of your project, how is it important for the organization you were interning, how you approached your project step by step, the challenges you faced, the creative stuffs you came up with and finally how did it all end.

2) Your view of the organization: Its structure, roles, career prospects for a management post-graduate, PPO/PPI Policy.

3) Top 3 Learnings.


Yes, we know that there are confidentiality issues. We understand it and it will not be held against you if you choose to omit some details. If you are scared of being heckled by the HR or your placements committee, we have a solution for that as well! We give you the option of writing an entry anonymously. You can send us your story at editor(at)insideiim(dot)com. from an email ID, and your story will be published by us, and your details will be kept totally confidential. You will still be eligible for the prize and your name will be declared publicly only if you wish. The winning ‘anonymous’ entry will be announced.

You have full freedom to express yourselves creatively. You can add images or embed videos. The deadline for submitting your entries is 20th July 2016. The results are expected to be announced by 5th August – However, in the past we have had cases when 1 of the 3 judges takes a little more time to judge the entries and it has gotten delayed by a couple of days. We will try our best to present the results as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please reach us on edgar.stephens(at) or nidhi.malkan(at)


Evaluation :

The evaluation of entries will be done by Industry Experts & Campus Managers or HR Professionals from Top Companies. Know about last year’s judges here. This year’s judges will be announced soon.

Participants can get cracking with their experiences here – (Register on the website, and then click on Write a Story) to start writing about your experiences. Do not forget to mention your Full Name, Picture (under 2MB) and Business School. Also, add a 2-3 interesting liner on yourself under the ‘About the Author’ section).

Those who have already sent in their stories will also be evaluated for the competition. In case they want to edit their stories they can log in to the website and make the necessary changes.


So get started folks!


Happy Writing.. 🙂

Team InsideIIM

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