Supercharge your Batteries With These Amigos – XAHR

The most happening part of MBA journey is the campus life and what makes my stay at XAHR more memorable are the crazy souls who stay here.

Without much ado let me introduce you to my Amigos

The MessMan

Doesn’t matter which college you belong to, the one thing that everyone complains about is, “Messfood”, but for this guy, it’s one of his life’s mission to improve the quality of food served in our mess. Starting from giving daily feedback to chit chatting with the mess bhainas is what you will find Ankur Pattnayak doing in his spare time. Though the whole batch ridicules him yet with his impeccable determination and passion I sometimes wonder we might have a new movie, “The MessMan – savior of Hunger”.

The Chick Magnet

Irrespective of What, Where & Why I really don’t understand what raw magnetism this girl has (Yeah it’s a girl) that anytime you walk into her room it will be filled with every girl living in the floor. And it’s not like people are chilling, eating or studying together but even just lazing around. I guess I won’t ever understand what invisible force it is but yes Divya Samantray is one of the best agony aunts I have ever met.

His Highness AA The Great

No matter how great Amartya Amitav considers himself, he will still be that weirdo who has the ability to freak you out with his dark humor and depress you with his take on life. In spite of the aura of weirdness around him this guy is amazingly creative starting from his PPTs to his all-time favorite SportsCom and of course getting godly grades even by studying one-fourth of what you did and sleeping in class.

The diet freak

Irrespective of what we talk about, this question is always a part of our conversation, “Hey have I put on weight” and if I say no pat comes the reply “But you have (Giggling)”. Aditya K Singh is an absolute diet freak and literally survives by eating almonds all day long, but all of this comes to a halt when the love of his life comes in front of him, i.e. Chicken & after feasting on it, this guy is instantly ready with a new diet plan to burn out the calories gained.

Each crazy in their own way, but are my silver lining in this hectic MBA schedule.


Which ABG Company would I want to work and why?


The world is just a click away thanks to ecommerce, it has changed the game of the retail industry completely and given a choice I would love to work in Aditya Birla Retail limited. E-commerce has changed the way customers shop and this is different and more challenging than any of the other companies that ABG owns. The E-commerce boom in India has just begun and it has a huge future potential and it will be extremely exciting to work for a firm which makes this change happen.


Darshika Mohanty

MBA-HRM, 2nd year




Samit Satpathy

If you want to win anybody its start with the stomach. As per the future of this sector the demand will never die as a person will eat till he dies. Very well written & bless you….